Members are invited to contribute spiritual wisdom, teachings, channeled messages, uplifting content, healing sessions, and attunements to this network to bridge Heaven and Earth and unite Humanity as One.

This is a group to help each other with our spiritual growth, upliftment, & ascension by sharing meditations, prayers, group activities, & loving support for each other in any way members suggest. And we ask that we be guided and over lighted in all of our thoughts, words, actions, prayers & meditations in every moment by our own mighty I AM Presence & Soul & any and all Ascended Masters, angels, Archangels, & Elohim we acknowledge to help bring forth into greater manifestation the Awakened Divine Human... the Ascended Angelic Human living always in Divine Love & Peace & Abundance. We offer our selves, thru our 'I Am Presence,' in service in helping manifest Father/Mother/God's Pure Divine Will on earth & in helping unfold the Divine Human Blueprint in every human being...

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  • Invocation to the Eighth Ray of Transcendence
    I call forth the Radiance of my Beloved I AM Presence, Mother Father God, Lady Nada, Lord Chietal, and the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light as I NOW surround myself in this Sacred Sea foam Green and Violet Flame of Transcendence.
    I NOW request the return of all Soul fragments and energies that were manipulated through control and power issues,
    I NOW request the purification, clearing and healing of my lower bodies,
    I NOW request the removal of any blockages within my genetic lineage preventing me from loving and harmonious relationships and the full merger with my Beloved I AM Presence.
    I AM Courage, Justice, Integrity, and Wisdom,
    I AM Stability, Equilibrium, and Unconditional Love,
    I AM Understanding, Unity and Infinite Expansiveness,
    I AM All That I AM
    And So It Is Done!

  • In this transformative meditation experience, prepare to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and inner illumination.


    Through the gentle guidance of this meditation, you will immerse yourself in the harmonious frequencies of light language, a celestial communication that transcends words.


    Allow the sacred light codes to permeate your being, activating dormant energies and empowering your soul's essence. As you delve deeper into this immersive meditation, you will awaken your inner light, align with your true purpose, and experience a profound sense of empowerment and spiritual growth.


    Get ready to ignite the spark within and embrace the limitless potential of your being. Join us on this transformative journey of self-realization and personal empowerment.

  • Learn a 7 step tried-and-true practice for meeting your spirit guide, and then, close your eyes relax and allow as I guide you through the practice in a short spirit guide meditation so you can connect with the guidance, wisdom, light and frequency of your spirit guides now.


    This practice works, and with effort and dedication, the time you invest to connect with your spirit guide will be rewarded tenfold as you deepen your bond with the spirit world. Your spirit guides are waiting; all you have to do is press play.

  • ...

    Earth is, at this time is a nexus point for so many different dimensions throughout our Universe. As Earth shifts so many other dimensions will also experience a shift including other dimensions of the earth-plane.

    In this time of awakening and ascension many Starseeds with strong links to the Pleiades are incarnated on the planet. There are a number of reasons for this. There is a bond between Pleiadians and those who have been stuck here in this long reincarnational 3D cycle.

    Pleadian Starseeds are also here because of the great need, at this time. There are a number of challenges for Pleiadian Starseeds. The most difficult being the lowering of their vibration from 6th, 5th and high 4th even to this low 3rd density. There is the very real risk of feeling lost and alone in this aggressive 3D paradigm. Like all other Starseeds here there is the feeling of isolation that comes from feeling different from the majority of those living on the earth. The psychic pollution and psychic noise here can also interfere with the great sensitivity of Pleiadian Starseeds. There can be a temptation to blend in and act like the ‘natives’ here but that rarely works out very well. At a certain point Pleiadian Starseeds need to face their fear of being judged as different. They need to align with their soul mission and speak and act in accordance with their authentic truth.

    This transmission is a re-connection to your Pleadian stellar roots. You will receive a transmission of light and light-codes from Pleadian Archangels, and angels from Alcyone, the Central Sun of the Pleiades. You will activate a layer of your Diamond Light-Body and corresponding strands of DNA within your cells. This transmission will then create a centre of light within your being which will enable you to burn old 3D programs, energies, thought-forms and cords and radiate a new higher frequency of light out into your reality.

  • Patricia Cota-Robles leads us with Mother Mary in a beautiful and powerful invocation to help heal every human being with the Violet Flames.

  • A sacred sound journey and meditation to the sanctuary of your heart. Clear density, weave, create and live consciously aware of the love that you are once more. Including the wisdom and power of the plants to awaken your connection with essential oils.

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Vast - By Suzanne Giesemann

  Vast - By Suzanne Giesemann Just as a river flows from a greater sea,You as a soul are equally free.Think of yourself in terms of flow.You are not fixed in place with no place to go. You are far greater than what you see with the eyes.To grasp your magnificence you must fantasize.And even then you fail to knowThat you are not a “thing” but a pulsating glow. Go beyond the story that you know as “yourself”That limited version belongs on a shelf.You are pure Light, the light of AwarenessThat…

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The Rainbow Bridge By Steve Nobel

 Steve Nobel:We are at a point where the timelines are splitting. In this transmission you will learn to unhook from the old karmic earth grid and more fully connect to the new ascending crystalline 5D grid. ...This transmission will also help you open the inner channel and thus connect more deeply with the Christ Grid and open to the new 5D chakra system waiting to be birthed inside of you. This transmission will help Starseeds prepare for the current energy shifts

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Shine On By Suzanne Giesemann

  Shine On By Suzanne Giesemann Billions of stars light up your sky, and yet you feel alone. Lie on your back on some clear night, why don’t you, and ponder those stars. Who created them? What Source? Are they not magnificent?  And Who created you? And are you not magnificent? As you gaze upon the stars, you may not feel magnificent. You may feel insignificant, but you could not be more wrong.  You are made of star dust. You are the Light that appears to shine from those stars, but it is merely…

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