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This is a group to help each other with our spiritual growth, upliftment, & ascension by sharing meditations, prayers, group activities, & loving support for each other in any way members suggest. And we ask that we be guided and over lighted in all of our thoughts, words, actions, prayers & meditations in every moment by our own mighty I AM Presence & Soul & any and all Ascended Masters, angels, Archangels, & Elohim we acknowledge to help bring forth into greater manifestation the Awakened Divine Human... the Ascended Angelic Human living always in Divine Love & Peace & Abundance. We offer our selves, thru our 'I Am Presence,' in service in helping manifest Father/Mother/God's Pure Divine Will on earth & in helping unfold the Divine Human Blueprint in every human being...

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Our 5th Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies By Patricia Cota-Robles

ย ย Our 5th Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodiesย By Patricia Cota-Roblesย Our Father-Mother God have given us a powerful activity of Light that has been building in momentum for several years with every Holy Breath we take. The Divine Intent of this Celestial assistance is to help our I AM Presence, our Silent Watcher and our Body Elemental to accelerate the Divine Alchemy taking place within our Earthly Bodies. Now that we have Ascended into the full embrace of our Grand Central Sun thisโ€ฆ

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Just Be With The Knowing Of How Naturally You Flow! By Blossom Goodchild & The Federation of Light

ย ย Just Be With The Knowing Of How Naturally You Flow! By Blossom Goodchild & The Federation of Lightย Good morning! No idea where todayโ€™s chat will lead us. So, letโ€™s begin and just go with the flow, if that seems suitable?ย Dearest Blossom, One and All. Naturally this is suitable to do so. When one is in the comfort of familiar friends, is that not what takes place? To go with the flow of conversation?ย Yet, we would furthermore speak of THE FLOW.For it is within the allowing of this FLOW thatโ€ฆ

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~ เฅ Prana Pulse เฅ ~

ย  ย ...~ เฅ Prana Pulse เฅ ~ ~ เฅเฅ ~ย  There is Only a Shared Awareness of the Movement of Molecules, of BE~ing Yourself in the Body of Source, and BE~ing Source Itself.ย  ~ เฅเฅ ~ It is Impossible to Yearn for that which You Already Have,and You are About to See and Realize that All the Love You could Ever Want is Coming to You Now. ย  Open Your Heart and You will See it Right in Front of You. Each Moment, Every Sound, Vision, Taste, Smell, and Feeling - is a Brilliant Creation, Dynamicallyโ€ฆ

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Vibrational Healing Chamber By Celestial White Beings With Natalie Glasson

ย ย Vibrational Healing Chamber By Celestial White BeingsWith Natalie Glassonย Greetings to you magnificent beings of light, we come forth with our celestial vibrations to be of service to you. We are the Celestial White Beings, we come forth as many, and yet we are also one....We have existed with, and in harmony with, the Earth since its creation. Our purpose is to develop and awaken ascension as well as promote healing. We wish to introduce you to our vibrational healing chamber which is withinโ€ฆ

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