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Update On Influx Of Waves & Waves of Divine Light By Melanie Beckler

After the powerful Full Moon Eclipse ... we now have a 2 week window before the Total New Moon Solar Eclipse April 8th.  

This is an accelerated window of amplified and intense energy ...

Where waves and waves of cosmic light and transformation continue.

Which for many means there are layers and layers arising for healing and transmutation.

This is a powerful time for clearing distorted, heavy and outdated energies, thought patterns, and emotional pathways that no longer serve.

Clearing and healing suffering from this lifetime, from the collective consciousness, and across the lines of time.

Remember the Truth ...

You are Light, you are Love, you are a Divine being with the ability to observe, and bring whatever arises in your energy field into the light of love where it can be transmuted and alchemized into something new.

Calling forth the qualities and energy that will serve.

Calling forth greater Love, Peace, and Truth.

And along these lines I was inspired to channel a short message for you today to support.

Click here for the message from the Council of Light for you now:

Influx of Light! Channeled Ascension Update For You Now >>

With love and bright blessings,




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