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~ ॐ Prana Pulse ॐ ~



~ ॐ Prana Pulse ॐ ~
~ ॐ💜ॐ ~
There is Only a Shared
Awareness of the Movement of Molecules,
of BE~ing Yourself in the Body of Source,
and BE~ing Source Itself.
~ ॐ💜ॐ ~
It is Impossible to Yearn for that
which You Already Have,and You are About to See and
Realize that All the Love You could
Ever Want is Coming to You Now.
Open Your Heart and You will See
it Right in Front of You.
Each Moment, Every Sound, Vision,
Taste, Smell, and Feeling - is a Brilliant Creation, Dynamically
Colored with Emotion and Meaning.
The Soul's Eye of Our Imagination is
what Our Sacred Existence Shares,
an Accessible Open Portal or Lens on Holy Reality. 
What we See with our Soul depends
on Where we Look.

The Soul is a Lens through which
Multidimensional Reality Comes Into Focus. The Creative
Imagination is tapped into Heaven.
When We Inner~Stand that Who
We Are is Pure Energy, the Essential Essence of Life itself,
and that this Energy not only Composes Us and Comprises Us,
but is Projected Through Us, From Us, and Outward Into the
And when we Inner~Stand that Energy Affects
other Energy, that All Energy Impacts other Energy...
then we begin to Inner~Stand that How We Think About a Thing
Determines How the Thing appears to us,
and Continues to manifest as our reality.
Intuition is Direct Perception of the Truth,
Without the Depressing Process of Reasoning and Opinions.
In the World of Intuition - We Only find Omniscience.
The World of Intuition is the World of the BE~ing.
It is the World of the Innermost.
The Highest Part of Soul is the World of Intuition and 
Objective Spiritual Consciousness.
In the World of Intuition, the Archetypes of All things in
Nature develop - NOW Penetrating
into the World of Objective Intuition,
and Reaching the Solemn Heights of Noetic Thought,
for Even Greater Awakenings and illuminations to
Higher Divine Intelligence.
Your Intuition KNOWS...
I Want You to Pay Attention to what
is Said about not Knowing.
Read Between the Lines.
Read the Sentences of the Movement of Love upon your Heart.
Recognize that when you Lift Above the Vibrational Field of
duality, then you Are a Force of Life.
You Are the Heart of God.
You Are a Master that Loves the World and its Unfolding Grace.

Tenderly and Passionately and Seeks the Freedom of Life on Every
Level in Every Area Through Every Avenue, Through Every Vehicle.

And this Means Opening the Lives you Live as Personalities
Into the Experience that there is Only God Energy,
only Light and Love, only the Movement of Consciousness and
the Joy of the Love I Am.
~ ॐ💜ॐ ~
~ ॐ And So It Is ॐ ~


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