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Masterclass On Inner Child Healing/Shadow Work/Heal Trauma & Spiritual Wounds By Matt Kahn

Thank you to Amrit Sandhu of Inspired Evolution for this hour-long conversation with Matt on YouTube. What a kind soul. They covered a LOT of ground as you can see by the title, and shared some smiles and belly laughs along the way. Enjoy the journey!


All too often, the most important conversations that need to be had are not meant to be comfortable. No matter how your words are interpreted or received, they always remain the words that are needing to be said.

Our words can always be conveyed with awareness, compassion, and clarity without being responsible for other people’s feelings and without confusing defensiveness with empowerment. As we learn to strike the right balance in our ability to communicate, we discover why it is so often stated — only the truth will set you free.

All for Love,


Video -Heal Your Inner Child -




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