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Golden Lemurian Sound Healing By Marysol






Golden Lemurian Sound Healing By Marysol


(Click on the Lemurian Sound Healing photo link above to enjoy Marysol's sound healing, or just click on this video link:

This channeled Light Language Sound Healing contains the vibration and light codes of Golden Lemuria.

It can activate a deep remembering within your cells, DNA, and non-physical body.


Allow the sound to flow to and through you
with an open heart, and allow whatever is there
in the moment to arise. 

It may a be a feeling, an emotion, a visual, the remembering of an experience in Lemuria, an inner knowing, the expansion of your heart and consciousness…...

I recommend listening with headphones for a better experience of the sound.


I want to begin this newsletter by sending you a blessing,
from my heart to yours.


Even though there is much turmoil
to be witnessed in the outer world,
vibrationally 2024 still feels lighter to me than 2023.


Something has greatly shifted within me
and I can feel myself moving deeper and deeper
into my truest self, allowing myself to dream big,
practicing releasing the attachment to any outcome
(not always easy :-)),
and truly focusing on being present and in gratitude. 


I am letting go more, surrendering more, trusting deeper, and suddenly my life is shifting as well, in beautiful ways.


Is this process always easy? No, definitely not.
Is it worth it? Oh yes! 


Thinking back to my twenties,
battling severe depression back then,
and looking at myself now, so many years later,
looking at where I am, who I am, what I am doing today,
I can say I've come a long way and I am proud of it... 

Now I can say it.
I had to learn to be able to be proud of myself
and not just be hard on myself.
(And I am still working on it).
Can you be proud of yourself? Think of one thing. Big or small.

…..and there's so much more to come.

Aspects to heal, depths to explore,
moments of laughter, tears to be cried,
but every moment of this journey is bringing me
closer to living my truest Self and my most authentic life. 


So often we don't want to be where we are.
We want to be somewhere else.

We wish for different circumstances,
maybe a different partner, or job, or home, or else. 

But then we miss our lives.
It passes us by.


But when we stop for a moment,
and become present exactly where we are,
releasing our attachment
to how we think something should be,
we come back to our present moment awareness.

NOW is our place of creation. We create our future in the NOW moment.

If we are constantly in a state of lack
and fear and frustration,
that is the vibration we create the next moment with.


The shift always has to happen within first.

And I get it. It can all be so overwhelming.
Believe me, I know. 

And I also know it is possible.
If I can do it, you can do it!

But it doesn't serve us to think about
what we should've done differently in the past
or being anxious about the future.


When we become present
and allow ourselves to be who we are,
and express it,
we move into a stillness and stability within,
that no one can take from us.

And from that place
we can open our heart
and follow its lead.


The path may not always be clear.

Be patient and allow yourself to listen to those soft
whispers of the heart.

One step at a time.


The energies coming in at the moment are truly supporting our moving into and embracing a higher state of consciousness.

It is always our choice.


So pause, take a deep breath, become still, feel the vibration of your heart and ask:

„Heart, do you love me?“

Listen with your heart and soul, not with the mind.

You'll be amazed at what arises.


May the offerings in this email serve your highest good.




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