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Are You Beginning To Feel The Joy & Passion Of Who You Are? By Blossom Goodchild

Federation Of Light Channeling On October 23, 2022

Hello, my friends. Where to from here?

May we take this Divine opportunity once again, to welcome Each One to this conversation. For it is not just with you, Blossom.



Nice intro.

We would care to speak of the ‘voicemail’ we delivered to you not long ago. We would choose to call it an ‘Energy mail’ … for we Trust that it lifted the Vibration pull to a Higher Frequency … of/within … Love.




Are you beginning to recognize yourselves, Dearest Ones?

Are you FEELING the connection within your Beingness … that assists you in … FEELING THE KNOWINGNESS … of WHO YOU ARE?

Look back to a few years only, as we always suggest … How much Lighter have you become?

How much have you let go of concerns that would weigh you down?

You KNOW better NOW.

You KNOW that you KNOW.

Your patience has become patient.



You have let go of trivialities that you once felt were a necessity, yet, now, your GOOD SELF has released the shackles.

For it is you who held the keys all along.

Dearest Divine Souls … NOW, NOW, NOW do you Feel the intense intention that lies within you?

The intention that was encapsulated within your Soulself when you were born … unto/into … the Vibration of the World.

Yes, you do. You Feel it now.

You KNOW your mission.  You KNOW that no matter how this … play/movie/theatrical event … presents itself to you … that …

From deep within your KNOWING you have all the answers to every question.

Yet, we ask that perhaps you consider dropping such queries.

Consider dropping thoughts that bring you down. Questions that have no answers are now ready to lift from your awareness and leave you in sync with your Divine Energy, that desires to be free to complete the task you came to Earth to achieve.

You KNOW now it is time to let go of your focus on that which is of lesser Light.


All you need do is follow through in your KNOWINGNESS that YOUR LIGHT … YOUR LOVE …. YOUR TRUTH … is the very thing … that is SAVING YOUR PLANET … as you came to do!


Think about that in-depth, Dearest Souls.

ALLOW THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE TO SHINE … and … in /by … doing so … you become a HERO.


Did you ever consider yourself such? Not through ego do we suggest this, yet, through the Highest Love of recognition of self.

You … You warriors who chose to be here … have raised your KNOWING … your Vibration … into a place that serves the LIGHT … without having to try.

You have lifted your spirit … into a Higher KNOWING of that which IS.

You need to know nothing other than Peace within your Being and when you TRUST that and rest your Soul within that … you are assisting the Planet to lift up also. For indeed, has not the Blessed Mother Gaia found herself at times, sinking into the mire?

Yet, here you all are. Doing what you do … knowing what you know … and pulling her out. Taking her into a place where she can allow the beat of her Heart to flow once again, at a rate that is conducive to the Divine Love that SHE is.

YOU … EACH ONE … CAME TO SERVE … and BEING of Service is what you excel in.


Wow! That flowed through thick and fast! Thank you! For if you didn’t tell us this, some of us could feel that we are just making all this up … just using all that we think we know, to make us feel better. Sometimes, one has doubts creep in to suggest otherwise, for so little is shown to us that presents as the good times rolling!

Video - "Are You Focusing On Your Passions, Your Joy?


And this, Dearest Blossom … is why we KEEP repeating the same things. To drum it into you … as you would say. For we are aware of the operations upon your Planet that one is up against.

We are aware that you are programmed to focus on the bleak and the weak.

Yet … due to your Divine diligence … in/of/for/as … LOVE … you are seeing through this program. You are breaking through this conditioning … and when you do this … when you recognize it for what it is … you wake up … you become You!

This is happening to so many now.



And each time another Soul draws back the curtains and sees the company they are about to keep … the Light of ONE … Brightens its beam into yet another Higher Frequency.


Are you focusing on your Passions, your Joy, in order to show others the pathway that takes you to The Bridge?

Are you noticing others are becoming attracted to your ways … your design of Being?


And BEING YOU … is all that is required.

Again, thank you. I find myself understanding this more and more and realize it doesn’t matter, even if I am feeling really low, I am not ruining the Plan. For the depth of TRUSTING MY LIGHT has become so much stronger … whether or not I am Laughing or crying.

Because … no matter how you are feeling at any given time … when you KNOW WHO YOU ARE … and the mission you came to achieve … you KNOW that come rain or shine … the STRENGTH OF YOUR LIGHT has got you covered.

I like that! We wait patiently for phase two to take place … a worldwide lockdown. Who’d have thought that would be something to look forward to? And yet, it would show that we were moving forward, and hopefully, things would really get underway, as you have said.

You see, this is what I mean by wondering if all this is going to happen. I have heard ‘supposedly’ (with respect) military insiders speak of moving into Phase Two. I feel good about that. At least they are on the same page as you/us. I have said so many times … now and then it feels so unreal … all of it … and yet … not!


Yes, you have been through wars throughout your history … much of the darker side has been displayed, and yet, it takes just one daisy to break through the crack of a cemented pathway … for the Soul to know there is Hope.

I like that too! Yet, it does sound all so unbelievable. So much of what we think is going to take place for the better sounds so ridiculous to so many, so we tend to keep quiet these days until we have some real evidence … and that seems to be hiding under a bushel. If I was to ask where the BIG SIGN in the sky is … would you say it is coming ‘very soon?’

Yes. Yet, have you not seen evidence of many ‘pre warm-ups’ to this, taking place?

I think so. Yet again … these amazing spectacles in the skies could well be ‘fake’ and although you say we shall tell the difference by the Energy of such displays … I can’t! And I shouldn’t need to come to you to ask what is real and what is not each time. I mean, aren’t we supposed to be able to do this ourselves now?

Yes … you are … and you do.

 No! I don’t! I’m still as confused about so much.

Yet, if we were not available … what would you make of ‘it all’?

That’s a corker of a question … And the answer is … I don’t know! Because you are and have been available.

Yet, Blossom … we ask that you consider this.

It is known that WE ARE ONE.

Therefore, every thing, every thought … ALL THAT IS … is made accessible to ALL.


I accept that concept. Yet, it doesn’t feel like that whilst trapped in this body suit within the Earthly Vibration. You have to accept that, right?

No. For the ONENESS is not cut off to those upon Planet Earth. Again …  we would say … that it is the programming … the misuse of information … that weighs heavily upon you, into believing that.

Have you not said it yourself?

We have said that within the density of the Vibrations of your Planet you are not able to access the fulness of KNOWING.

Eh? Hello? Mrs confused of Noosa, here!


Whilst within the human body suit … much is withheld … for it is too expansive to contain in the human brain. Yet, take yourselves out of that and fly home now and then … and ALL THAT IS … is available to you.

Fly Home now and then! Fly Home now and then! The queue starts just behind me! Yet, I know what you mean. We ALL KNOW what you mean! Well, it feels right to leave it here for now, and oh so quickly, the hour is up. Thank you for your continual support. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.



How To Embrace Freedom & Expansion By Natalie Glasson

Greetings beloved ones, I am Archangel Metatron. I invite you to step into the stillness within your being, to rest in this moment of stillness, a moment that is almost like a pause.

However, it may be noisy, chaotic and there might be upheaval. Whether those energies are within your being or outside of you, you can always step into the stillness, a pause within your being where you remind yourself of your truth, as if you are gazing at your divine essence, reminding yourself of who you are, your mission, and your purpose. 

What Do You Wish To Achieve & How Do You Wish To Be?


As you enter into that space within your being, you remember all that you are and all that you are is the Creator. This awakens your power, your light, your love, your inner knowingness and intuition, and in that moment of stillness or a pause, you expand. Your energy field expands, stagnant energies fall away, your vibration quickens and brightens. You become filled with light, love, peace and truth, and even if it's only for a moment, there is a recognition of freedom as you walk into the stillness within your being.

You are walking into your freedom, a space where limitations are dissolved, where you can connect with your truth, embody and be your truth, gaining all the answers and support you need. You are accessing freedom and expansion.

The more that you connect with this energy of Divine Stillness within your being, the more you will recognise the familiar sensations of freedom and expansion. There is a vibration, a purpose to your freedom and expansion. It is momentum, growth, and continuation.

Freedom does not want to sit still, does not want to be the same always. It wants to grow, have movement flow, and of course, it is the same for expansion.

We can recognise that expansion and freedom are the same energy, and the more you expand your truth and your essence, the more you connect with your freedom.

Freedom can be a tricky energy to acknowledge, understand and experience when in a physical reality. The physical reality holds the vibration of separation, as you exist in a physical body, you feel separate from other beings and souls, although this is not the case. A divine connection is always true and present.

There are lessons, learnings, and teachings connected to separation. However, with the conscious presence of freedom, you begin to move beyond separation. You realize that everything is connected, and in Oneness, even when things appear separate upon the Earth. When this occurs, it feels as if you have been linked up to a new network of communication and connection. 

Video - "How To Embrace Freedom & Expansion By Archangel Metatron"


How Do You Connect With Freedom?


There is a need to contemplate what freedom means to you, the beliefs, the opinions, the perspectives that you have around freedom. I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to discard all beliefs, perspectives and opinions regarding what freedom is for you and instead to step within your being, into the stillness, into the freedom already present and to absorb that.

If an image or a perspective comes to mind regarding freedom, acknowledge it, then discard it and reconnect once more into the truth of freedom within your being. Continue this process until you feel you are embodying the vibration of freedom.

With each belief and perspective about what freedom is that comes into your awareness, you are moving through a stage of acknowledgement and embodiment. Therefore, each time you discard that belief or opinion you move to a new vibration of freedom, a new expansion of freedom for you to embody.

Through this process you embody freedom, feeling it, knowing it, rather than understanding it within your mind. However, freedom is so magnetic and attractive to the Universe of the Creator that it draws experiences into your reality, to demonstrate to you the freedom that you are embodying.

It could be the ability to love expansively, it might be that it manifests in your reality as a job that you enjoy, or maybe that there's no need for a job. Freedom, the truth within your being doesn't always manifest in the way that you might perceive.

It is all about the connection of truth within your being and its evolution in your embodiment and your manifestation, and so we see that freedom and expansion go hand-in-hand supporting each other. That this is a natural aspect of your being.

Why Is Freedom & Expansion So Important Now?


You will be able to tell me this truth. I can share with you your vibration is quickening, even though your habits, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your opinions are causing limitations around. Your barriers are stopping your current natural momentum of Ascension, and so in this moment, there is a need to set yourself free. Meaning to awaken and step into that next stage of Ascension, leaving the old behind, leaving habits, opinions, and beliefs that no longer serve you behind. This is a blissful joyful experience. 

I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to contemplate my words, my energy, and the presence of freedom and expansion within your being. 

I am here to support you with each step, I thank you

I Am Archangel Metatron

Video - "Clearing Ancestral Lines From All Timelines" By Patricia Cota-Robles


Link Between Your Birth & Ascension By Natalie Glasson

Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Archangel Michael. I come forth with the Angelic vibrations and beings to serve you, to surround you and encapsulate you in Angelic Love. We are here to support your Ascension at this time, to encourage you to explore deep within your being and to allow yourself to access your Ascension from the truth of your being. 

Today, we wish to speak of the link between your birth into the earthly reality and your Ascension process. Your birth was created by you, your mother, and the Creator, as well as your soul. It was a co-creation.

There may have been other people's souls involved in this co-creation, but everything was planned. The way that you existed within the womb and the way that you were born, as well as all the experiences that occurred directly after being born were all planned by you.

However, what was not planned is the emotional reaction and the beliefs that you created while being in the womb, during the birthing process, and after the birth. You created a scenario that you believed would support certain emotional reactions and beliefs that would then coincide and be compatible to assist you and lead you forth along your Ascension process.

An example of this could be that you had a very difficult birth and yet, once you were held in your mother's arms, you felt such deep love, this love filled you and you carried it forward as a belief into your reality. Ascension might not have been for you about learning how to love yourself, you would have had different issues to overcome.

Another example could be that you had the most blissful birthing experience and yet when you arrived, you simply felt like you did not want to be in the earthly reality. Thus, you created beliefs of rejecting people, of rejecting your surroundings, maybe even rejecting yourself and your body.

All these beliefs, create circumstances and scenarios in your childhood, and adulthood, and these would become your ascension process, the lessons and the energies to unravel, to heal, to discover, and to overcome.

We can begin to recognise that, it's not so much the circumstances of being in the womb, of the birthing process and afterwards, it is how we react that impacts our reality. 

As souls before you enter the Earth, you have no way of understanding how you will react, however, the scenarios and the experiences that you set up for yourself, allow you to begin your progression along your Ascension pathway.

There is a need to understand that many of you will not remember your birth. You may not have anyone to ask about your birth and even if you do have someone to ask about your birth, remember that what you will hear will be their interpretation of it, their emotional reactions, and set of beliefs that was created at that time. It actually has no indication of what you were experiencing. 

There is only one thing that can be achieved which is to go back into the womb and to allow and guide yourself through the process of being born. Rather than trying to understand what you experienced as physical scenarios, what you will be guided to recognise and understand is more, the vibration that you feel in your body. The emotions and thoughts that come into your awareness.

Video - "Link Between Your Birth & Ascension By Archangel Michael"


You will not need to know how you were born, what happened, who was there, what your mother said or didn't say. None of that is needed for you to achieve this process. 

What is needed is a willingness to go back consciously and energetically to the womb to understand what you personally were experiencing, the energy vibrations, emotions, and the beliefs that were created then and during the birth process.

Then there will be a need to recognise whether these energies, emotions, or thoughts still remain in your reality. Whether you see them as patterns in your reality now, and what these emotions, thoughts and patterns could indicate to you about your Ascension process. Being in the womb was the start of your Ascension process and so there is a message. There's something there for you to acknowledge, maybe to heal and transform, or to simply be aware that a pattern remains in your reality, or that you have already overcome that pattern.

If you discover that you felt rejected, it might be that your Ascension process is actually to connect with yourself, to connect with everyone around and everything around you and to feel the oneness of the Creator.

If all you experienced was pain and discomfort, your Ascension process may be about allowing yourself to feel comfortable, to support yourself, to look after yourself, and to care for yourself.

If you experience complete and absolute love, like a love bath, maybe there is a need in your Ascension process to grow that love, to realise how expansive that love can be and how much you can share it with others. You will be able to understand the unique message and link to your Ascension because it is unique to you.

As you heal your birth experience you heal your foundations, allowing a release of energies that simply keep bombarding you, or are present within your reality that you simply are unable to shift. 

I wish to offer to you step-by-step guidelines to achieve this process, which you can achieve in your own time. I do not wish for you to expect too much but simply to be aware of the subtle energies and messages.


First, allow yourself to gain a meditative state, focus upon your breathing, close your eyes, and relax your body. 

Call forth your guides to surround you, and ask them and your soul to transport you, if it is appropriate, back to the womb of your current reality. Allow yourself to breathe deeply, you can, if you wish, imagine that you are in the womb of your mother, or you can simply breathe deeply and allow yourself to be aware of any energies, emotions or thoughts that come to your awareness. 

When you are ready, you can ask your guides and your soul to support you in energetically experiencing the birthing process that you experienced, allowing you to enter into this physical reality. Be aware of any emotions, energies or thoughts that come to your awareness. 

When you are ready, invite your guides and your soul to allow you to experience what it was like after your birth, those first few minutes or hours or days after your birth.

Take some time to acknowledge and understand any insights, thoughts, emotions or energies that you became aware of. 

Think through to your current reality, your lifetime, and recognise if these energies still remain in your reality. Recognise, acknowledge or ask how these energies, your reactions, emotions and thoughts are linked to your Ascension process, your mission, your purpose in your Ascension journey. 

When you feel ready, you may go back to where is needed, whether it's in the womb, whether it's the birthing process or afterwards, recognise what needs to be acknowledged. What illusions are you holding on to, what you are not allowing yourself to see, what truth is present that you are ignoring. 

Invite your guide, your soul to bring forth what is needed, the energies, the healing so that you may transform this process, and experience. Watch as the transformation filters into your current reality. 

When you feel ready, invite yourself to remember, what do you need to focus on now in your current reality and your Ascension process after understanding more about your birthing process into the Earth? If you find this process challenging, you may wish to try it again another time.

Sometimes even the approach of a meditation allows for an opening and when you return, you are able to go deeper. There is so much to discover, so much to heal, and as we said everything was planned. Your emotions, your thoughts, and the beliefs created were not, they are unique to you, and you can transform their influence and foundation in your reality now. 

When you feel the process is complete, you can simply allow yourself to acknowledge the floor and the ground beneath you. Grounding yourself back into the world and your reality. 

We hope that this serves you in gaining more clarity in your own Ascension process and bringing healing where it is needed. 

We thank you; we love you.

I Am Archangel Michael

Video - "Full Moon Guided Meditation / October 2022" By

Melanie Beckler -



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