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Solara An-Ra:
In this September Equinox Portal the Arcturian Councils (assisted by the Pleiadians, who come in later), lead us through a beautiful guided visualisation which assists in our understanding of our evolution into 5-D consciousness – and how this relates to the planet and the new 5-D Core Crystal of Love.
We learn how our heart connection with the Core Crystal of Love allows us to receive the Codes of Rejuvenation from the Core Crystal of Love ~ which allows our bodies to heal and rejuvenate so that we can walk our paths of Light unimpeded by physical difficulties.
And we connect also from our hearts with Alcyone, the Sun-Star of the Pleiades ~ our most important higher dimensional connection because of our seeding by the Pleiadian Star Mothers at the time of Lemuria. Our connection in both directions is essential in the birthing of the New Earth right here, right now! And So It Is!

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