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A Season Of Rewards By Emmanuel Dagher




A Season Of Rewards By Emmanuel Dagher


Hi My Friend,

It fills me with immense joy to reconnect with you once more.


Our journey continues, and there’s so much ground we have yet to cover together. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the heart of our conversation.


For many of us, the dense layers that have shrouded our perceptions are gradually lifting, revealing a new dawn of awareness.


This month, we stand on the threshold of a new reality of our own making, consciously crafted from the depths of our newly expanded consciousness.


This is a thrilling prospect, for it signifies a departure from past choices and habits that no longer resonate with our true essence.


In this newfound clarity, we are afforded the opportunity to make decisions from a place of empowerment and genuine self-awareness.


By doing so, we naturally align ourselves with individuals, environments, and experiences that reflect our highest aspirations and values.


Embracing the Unexpected


March is poised to sprinkle our lives with myriad surprises, on both personal and collective fronts.


The secret to harvesting the full spectrum of these blessings lies in our ability to remain open and adaptable.


Staying open and in the flow is our affirmation of a conscious choice to be fully present, living from a vibration that enables us to act from a place of profound empowerment.


In such a state of presence, we are finely attuned to the intuitive nudges that guide us toward our most fulfilling life experiences.


Moreover, this openness shields us from the mind’s tendency to default to survival mode, a pattern rooted in historical coping mechanisms.


This is also a time that invites us to view love and affection differently, urging us to seek these qualities within rather than through external sources.


By nurturing self-love and compassion, we dissolve the distractions and imbalances that arise from external



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A Time of Reward and Self-Discovery


From March 8th to November 30th, we enter a season ripe with rewards, a testament to our dedication to personal growth, healing, and the pursuit of our grandest visions.


This time will be especially gratifying for those who are mindful about their inner work.


The latter half of March signals a surge in excitement, joy, and creativity, offering a nudge to those grappling with procrastination or a lack of motivation.


It’s a call to transcend old patterns, embracing more empowering coping mechanisms that foster our freedom and potential.


The Equinox: A Gateway to Renewal


As the month progresses, we can feel the energies building toward the equinox—spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.


But what significance does this hold for us?


The equinox acts as a magical gateway between the spiritual and physical realms, ushering in a period of profound renewal.


This isn’t just any change; it’s divine alchemy at its finest, enabling us to infuse our present reality with deeper love and wisdom.


Imagine the equinox as a time when the creative passions we’ve been gently nurturing over the past months come to fruition, empowering us to begin creating the world we dream of.


Embracing the Equinox: Transformational Practices


The equinox invites us to:


De-clutter our Spaces: It’s the perfect time to simplify our surroundings, parting with items we haven’t used in the past year. This act of release makes room for new energies and blessings to enter our lives.


Step beyond your comfort zone by letting the Universe lead you to new activities that make your  Heart Sing. Start a project or venture that aligns with your heart’s true desires.


Explore New Beginnings: Whether it means taking a new class or a trying new spiritual practice, reconnect with your essence, rooted in love.


Practice Forgiveness: Let go of past grievances to make way for peace and emotional freedom. Forgive yourself and others.


Harmonize Your Energies: Find balance between your Divine Feminine (creative, nurturing) and Divine Masculine (action-oriented, passionate) aspects.


If any of these resonate, it’s a sign to weave them into your life, clearing the path for new joys that align with your deepest wishes.


Beyond the Visible: The Unseen Magic


Amidst these shifts, both within and around us, there’s a wealth of unseen magic at play, such as:


Dreams and Visions: Are you experiencing vivid dreams or noticing more “sparks” in your vision? These are signs of your expanding awareness.


Sensitivities and Sensations: Feelings of heightened sensitivity or unusual energy fluctuations are indicators of your spirit working to dissolve the veils of limitation.


Non-Linear Existence: Our spirits are guiding us beyond the confines of linear time, showing us how to embrace our true, limitless nature.


This transformative phase is monumental, a shift towards embodying “heaven on Earth.”


It’s about moving beyond fear and embracing the eternal aspect of our beings, unlocking a freedom that allows us to fully experience and express our uniqueness.


Video Link: Your Presence Is Where Your Attention Is


The Essence of Patience: A Divine Path to Wisdom


In the realm of personal growth and spiritual evolution, patience is often lauded as a cardinal virtue, a quality that transcends mere “waiting” to embody a deeper, more profound significance.


The common adage “patience is a virtue” barely scratches the surface of this enigmatic attribute’s true nature.


To understand patience in its full depth is to recognize it as not merely an exercise in delay, but as a divine virtue that guides us towards a life of wisdom and fulfillment.


Patience: Beyond Waiting


Contrary to the conventional view, patience is a lot more than just “waiting.”


True patience is about embodying divine presence.

This state of being allows us to tap into the natural intuitive pulse that flows through us, an expression of our inner spirit that seeks to guide us toward our highest potential.


The Voice of Spirit


Our Spirit is omniscient, a reservoir of infinite wisdom that knows the whole of our life path.


By cultivating patience, we foster a connection with our Spirit, allowing its voice to become a guiding light in our lives.


This voice speaks not through words but through insights, feelings, and opportunities that are always aligned with our greatest good.


It is through patience that we learn to listen and heed this inner guidance, shaping our actions and decisions in harmony with our soul’s purpose.


Patience as Divine Presence


To practice patience is to be fully present in each moment with your Spirit, your Divine Self. You live in this divine space without the distraction of past regrets or future anxieties.


It is in this state of presence that we open ourselves to divine possibilities that life presents to us.


March can be an opportune time to embrace this practice, to allow ourselves to be guided by the rhythms of our spirit, rather than the dictates of our transient desires or fears.


Openness: The Fruit of Patience


The true power of patience lies in its ability to open our hearts and minds.


When we are patient, we cultivate an openness to life’s experiences, allowing ourselves to be receptive to the lessons and growth opportunities that come our way.


This openness is not passive but active, a conscious choice to engage with life from a place of divine wisdom and understanding.


Patience, then, is far more than a simple willingness to wait.


Patience is a divine virtue that invites us to immerse ourselves in the richness of the present moment, to listen to the whispers of our spirit, and to align our actions with the wisdom it imparts.


In embracing patience, we not only navigate life with grace and ease, but also move closer to realizing our true potential.


It is a path to wisdom, a journey that unfolds with each moment we choose to be truly present and open to the guidance of our inner spirit.


A Fresh Start


By the third week of March, we’re presented with a chance for renewal. It’s an optimal time to initiate new endeavors or to revisit unfinished projects.


Patience and openness during this period will facilitate our shedding old fears and insecurities, making room for growth and self-expression.


Should old insecurities surface, let them serve as a reminder of our need for self-love and compassion!


Loving ourselves means acknowledging and honoring all our emotions, allowing them to be felt fully, and in doing so, releasing them with gratitude.


In embracing activities that bring us joy and fulfillment, we affirm our love for ourselves.


Whether it’s through meditation, art, exercise, or simply being in nature, these acts of self-care enrich our spirit.


As we navigate these extraordinary times together, I am honored to share this journey with you.


May March be a month filled with boundless blessings in every aspect of your life!


Until next time,

With gratitude,



©2009 – 2024 Emmanuel Dagher.
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