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A Prayer Of Intentions




A Prayer Of Intentions


Dear Almighty God, Masters, Archangels, Angels and My Family of Light!
I intend to let go of all of the baggage from my past & to be empty so that I can absorb all the new uplifting Energies sent by You - God - for my spiritual growth!
I intend to improve and get better every day in every way and be totally focused on my Spiritual Growth from today onwards.
I ask for help from God, Masters, Guides, Angels and my Family of Light, to help me stay focused only on my Path of Love & Light.
I intend to focus on the Now, to perfect myself in God's Light, and to work with You, God, at all times.
I intend to be a Pure Being of the Light of my Soul shining Brightly !
I intend to ascend as quickly as possible and work with all the celestial Beings to help Mother Earth and all Her Peoples.
I intend to love everyone unconditionally and be completely non-judgmental.
I offer myself as an Instrument of God to channel Your many Blessings to all life on the Planet so that consciousness may be raised and Peace restored.
And so be it! And so it is!
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