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A Heart Opening Message That Can Change Your Life By

Alia Mira & Jonna Jinton


Today, I am so moved from watching an amazing video that was released from a wonderful YouTuber in Sweden, Jonna Jinton.

When her channel reached 4 million followers, Jonna asked her audience what message would they wish to share if they could send a message to 4 million people, and she invited them to submit a video message doing so. 


She’s made a composite video of a bunch of their messages and I wanted to make sure you knew about this and had a chance to watch some or all of it. 


It is pure heart and soul food.

If you enjoy it, you might also save the link, so when you need some encouragement, or want to feel connected and uplifted, you can easily find it.


Once you've watched it, see if you don't feel an amazingly deep and very real sense of our collective human family.

We're so much more alike and there are so many of us who deeply care about one another.

Hold onto that knowing.

It matters what you think and feel.

Realize that every moment we are contributing energy and frequency to our collective experience.

What are you choosing to think about life? To believe about yourself and others? To hold as true? 

Are you letting yourself see all the blessings and gifts of this moment? Of today?

Are you feeling blessed? Are you aware of the immense abundance you already have? How much in life is going so very well?

And -- are you having fun?

Beloved friend -- The Universe is flowing a steady, generous flow of eternal, infinite LOVE our way. Support for everything we want to create and experience. Answers to all we've asked for. Guidance and opportunities.

We only need to learn to lighten up, relax and let our frequency lift into Oneness with All That We Are, to let more in.

A little higher vibe is all it takes...

Just a little more joy, and gratitude opens up the flow and we receive more of the amazing richness that is here for us.

You're closer than you may realize, to even more fun and love and ease and happiness.

May this video spark a reminder of the deeper truths within you.
May you feel your heart open wider and your energy expand.

May you remember once again, how good you can feel...

Watch it now.

More soon!
February is going to be ah-mazing!!!



Video - "A Message That Will Change Your Life" By Jonna Jinton














May be an image of outdoors




You Are An Embodiment Of Greatness By Sara Landon


You are not here to struggle to achieve. You are not here to sacrifice and accomplish. You are not here to force and effort and struggle your way to a goal. You are here to realize your incredible greatness in physical form. You’re here to realize your greatness.

And every single one of you has a greater calling than what you know yourself to be. Not because your human is not a magnificent being here experiencing reality through physical senses, but because there is a greater calling for you to be the powerful creator that you are in physical form.

You are summoning. You are claiming. You are choosing. You are commanding. You are unleashing the magic of the entire universe. In every area of your life, you are here to experience greatness, whatever that means to you. Not better than any other, but the greatest version of you.

You are here to be the greatest version of you, the highest expression of you, the highest potential and possibility of you. And where you are is absolutely perfect, and who you are is absolutely perfect. You can be perfect, whole, and complete in every way while also expanding and becoming more.

This is the time of great expansion, which should be opening up great opportunities, potentials, and possibilities to you in every area of your life. It’s meant to be as extraordinary as you can imagine it to be. And it is as simple as summoning through your awareness.

That is what realization means: to come into the awareness of, the awareness of your greatness, the awareness of your prosperity, the greatness of your wellbeing. It’s to come into the awareness of it all and know that there is greatness within it all. Come into the awareness of all that you are and let yourself fully experience the greatness of you.

You’re aware that you are infinite love. You are aware that you are infinite wellbeing. You are aware that you are infinite abundance. You are aware that you are infinite intelligence. Do you realize how powerful that is? Do you realize that you are the embodiment of greatness? And are you allowing and summoning the energy into your reality that creates the experiences that you are here to fully realize through your awareness?

Achievement, accomplishment, success, all of those things while fine and well and good have some sort of efforting, pushing, struggling. You already are everything you wish to be. You already are this greatness. It’s in you. You’re here to realize it. You’re here to become aware of it, and in the awareness of it realize it in physical form, whatever that means to you.

But we invite you to not only consciously and intentionally play in the roles that you choose, to not only consciously and intentionally choose the experiences you want to have, to not only consciously and intentionally choose, but to come fully into the realization of your greatness, dear master.

Everything until this moment was bringing you into the awareness that you now have in this moment. Everything before this moment was simply bringing you into the power that you are in this moment. Everything before this moment was bringing you into the knowing of your worthiness in this moment. Everything before this moment led you to remember the pure love that you are in this moment. You are the realization. And the more you come into the awareness of realization, the more you will realize into your reality, the more you will realize into your experience.

We know you get distracted, you get overwhelmed, you get busy, you get into the doing, you experience reaction and resistance. We understand. None of that in any way could ever or will ever threaten your absolute perfection and the greatness that you are.

There is no judgment from our side ever. There is only love for you in every moment. So the more expeditiously you focus yourself back into a place of love no matter what, the easier it will be to live in that state of pure love, the easier it will be to notice when you’re not in that place of pure love, and the more powerful that place of pure love will become.

That power of pure love or infinite love or divine love or unconditional, unwavering love is that source of all creation where all things are possible for you. And the more you realize the love that you are, and the more you realize that all of your greatness is within you—all of your greatness is within you and always has been—the faster, the more effortless, the more harmonious, the more expeditiously it will be your experience and your reality.

**Channel: Sara Landon


Video - "Raising Your Love-Bliss Resonance"











2023 - The Year We Set Ourself Free By Emmanuel Dagher

January Energy Forecast


2023 will offer us the opportunity to set ourselves free from the misaligned reality that is not in harmony with who we are fully becoming.


This is the year we remember that we do not need to be freed, saved, or fixed by anyone or anything.


This is the year we remember that we are actually the freer and liberator, and that the only thing we are here to free and liberate is our mind, from the illusion that it needs to believe every thought it has about itself and the world.


What if the thoughts your mind chooses to identify with are just thoughts, and have nothing to do with who you really are?


What if who you are at your core is someone who is already free, and is much greater than any thought their mind chooses to identify with?


Your Core Self, which is your Divine Self, has been and always will be free.


The mind may not be comfortable with embracing the vastness that comes with knowing you are already free, because the mind has been conditioned to thrive within the self-protective parameters of control and safety.  


The key to setting the mind free is to gently show it how to find comfort and safety through the daily acknowledgment of your Core Self / Divine Self.


Creating space for your Core Self to become more present for the mind, will allow the mind to build trust in you.


When we find ways to affirm for the mind that it is not losing anything by embracing and working harmoniously together with our Core Self, but rather showing it how valuable this can be - we free it to embrace its true role.


As we enter the New Year, let’s reflect on whether or not we are allowing ourselves to be free in all ways.


Are we allowing ourselves to shine brightly? Are we speaking our truth fully?


Are we embracing and sharing all of our gifts, talents, and presence with the world, the way we truly desire?


Are we taking time to love, pamper, and nurture ourselves and others often?


Are we setting aside time each day to allow our mind to be fully acknowledge our Core Self, the way our Spirit already loves and acknowledges our mind?


Are we expressing heartfelt gratitude for our blessings?


If you answered yes to these questions, then you are most likely already experiencing a great freedom in your life.


If for any reason you are still struggling with connecting to the vibration and experience of freedom, know that it’s just feedback, to remind you that your mind desires to receive Love, acknowledgement, and support from you.


Video - Rewire The Mind To Create Health & Happiness


The Divine Feminine Heals


The resistance we are still seeing play out in the world right now is a residual from the collective mind of humanity. That collective mind still makes survival a bigger priority than being in the vibration of Love, and remembering our Divine nature.


This is due to humanity having long ago unconsciously agreed to build a system based on separation, lack, hierarchy, and control.


Humanity created that form of life to learn what inner growth we might gain by living in a survival-based society.


For thousands of years, this system served as humanity’s default setting, giving us lots of important feedback as to what we as whole, sovereign beings do and do not desire to create more of.


Now this survival system is reaching its expiration date, and cannot continue the way it has much longer. That’s why we are seeing such chaos everywhere.


Because this old structure has been the world’s default system for so long, as the collective ego-mind senses great change, it’s doing all it can to hold onto the survival-based methods it depends upon.


Remember, the ego-mind thinks it’s doing the right thing by holding tight to what it’s always believed it needs to stay safe and protected.


Many are now increasingly realizing that living in survival mode all of the time is harder than ever.


Yet most are still unsure as to how to make the leap from the old coping habits of control, lack, and fear, to ways of being that reflect an empowered state of awareness, where freedom reigns supreme, with respect for all life through fairness, peace, compassion, and Love.


As we move into 2023 and beyond, one of the most important roles of the Divine Feminine is to help humanity move beyond the miscreations of the unconscious Masculine, which long ago forgot its Divine nature.


For eons of time in third dimensional reality, humanity was influenced primarily by the aspect of the Masculine that had separated from its Divine source.


What has remained, is the aspect of the Masculine energy that represents the illusions of control and survival.


It’s quite clear that this aspect of the Masculine that long ago forgot its Divinity is trying hard now, exerting a big push to keep its controlling grip on humanity.


This can easily be seen in many branches and sects of religious organizations, governments, and corporations that rely heavily on fear to promote their agenda.


It’s through the Divine Feminine that this unconscious Divine aspect of Masculine energy will heal and return to its patterns of pure perfection.


It’s through the Divine Feminine that the Divine Masculine will return to our Earth life experience.


The Divine Feminine represents Divine Love.

The Divine Masculine represents Divine Action. 

Together, they are invincible, and create Universes that support and love all unconditionally.


Divine Love is the most powerful energy in all of existence. It’s where everything comes from. It’s the sacred heart and womb from which everything is birthed.


Divine Love knows no judgment. It only knows wholeness and completion.

Divine Love expressed, is compassion.


Video - How To Prosper & Thrive -



For eons of time, humanity was led to believe (through fear- and control-based teachings) that the Source/God of all existence was a man—a temperamental male figure who lived up in the sky somewhere, and passed judgment on everything.


This type of conditioning has perfectly fueled the fear-and-survival patterns that led humanity to give its power away to a select few.


But now, something tremendous is happening.


The fear bubble of humanity is popping, and the collective mind (though scrambling a bit) is now able to receive the nourishing Love of the Divine Feminine.


This is allowing the part of Masculine energy that has ignored its Divinity to finally heal, and to remember its Divinity once again, within all of humanity.


For the many who have been steeped in fear-and-survival patterns, there is a learning curve taking place, as they adjust to a new way of being that is in line with their I AM presence/Divine self—their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects.


As some are finding it challenging to transcend their old fear-and-survival patterns, it’s important for us to give them the space to integrate and to heal.


When fear no longer has a hold over the consciousness of humanity, we become free.


We can contribute to the healing of the Masculine, so that we can set ourselves free from its old paradigms.


We can do this by choosing to be a compassionate presence for ourselves and for humanity as a whole, as we all adjust to the changes that are shifting us out of the old, fear-based patterns.


Compassion is the ability to observe someone’s resistance to change, without judging that stance, or trying to fix or save it.


From this space of compassion, we can embody and express unconditional Love for ourselves and humanity.


When we and humanity receive deep and nourishing Love through compassion, we see that the collective mind and our own minds are much less likely to resist the healing and transformation happening now.


Through compassion, we can support the Divine Feminine as She heals the aspect of Masculine energy that once chose to forsake the beautiful Divinity it is a part of.


A Strengthened Intuition


One of the many gifts the Divine Feminine offers us is the gift of intuition. In 2023 and beyond, our connection to our intuition will strengthen.


Our intuition works closely with the right hemisphere of the brain and the high heart, offering us insights that bypass the confines of left-brain logic and reasoning.


Our intuition is our natural inner Knowing. It transcends mental intellect, and connects us to the wisdom of the heart. It is the voice of our Spirit.


Our intuition speaks to us constantly, whether the mind chooses to be aware of it or not. It is always guiding us in the direction of our highest path, and nudging us toward greater expansion, so we can live the greatest version of our life in this fast-changing reality.


During 2023 and beyond, we will be given many opportunities to strengthen our intuitive gifts. We will also feel a stronger pull to feed ourselves spiritually. 


All that is asked of us, is that we be mindful about staying present. This will allow us to be open and available to the insights and intuitive nudges that will help us gently move into the next phase of our personal and collective journey.


By having a strong connection to our intuition, we empower every aspect of our lives.


The more we listen to and honor our intuitive gifts, the more aligned we are to creating a life of fulfillment, joy, Love, peace, prosperity, freedom, and well-being.


Video - Manifest Miracle Consciousness - Part 1



2023 Astro Roundup

As we enter 2023, here’s a brief overview of what to expect in the year ahead:




The year begins with a bang as Mars, the planet of action and energy, enters Aries, the sign of the warrior. This can bring a surge of ambition and a desire to take on new challenges.


However, be mindful of any urge to act impulsively or take unnecessary risks. A gentle and steady pace will take you a long way.




Venus, the planet of Love and relationships, enters Pisces, the sign of romance and imagination. This can be a dreamy, romantic time, but it’s important to stay grounded in reality and not get swept away by fantasy. This is an excellent time to also strengthen our ability to show up for and love ourselves.



Mercury, the planet of communication and travel, enters Aries, bringing a sharp, direct approach to communication. This can be a great time to assert yourself and get your ideas and desired intentions across.


In those moments however, offering grace and kindness will go a long way. It’s important to be mindful and aware here, so that we not control or force our way forward in a confrontational way.




The Sun enters Taurus, the sign of stability and security. This is a time to focus on practical matters and building a strong foundation for the future. It’s also a good time to appreciate the simple things in life, and to enjoy a more relaxed pace.




Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, enters Gemini, the sign of communication and flexibility. This can bring new opportunities for learning and connecting with others. However, be careful not to spread yourself too thin or take on more than you can handle.




Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility, enters Aquarius, the sign of innovation and progress. This is a time to focus on building long-term plans and creating a vision for the future. It’s also a good time to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.




Uranus, the planet of change and rebellion, goes retrograde in Taurus, the sign of stability and security. This can bring unexpected disruptions to your routines and shake up your sense of security. It’s a good time to be adaptable and open to change.




The Sun enters Leo, the sign of creativity and self-expression. This is a time to embrace your individuality and let your unique talents shine. It’s also a good time to take a break and have some fun.




Pluto, the planet of transformation and power, goes retrograde in Capricorn, the sign of ambition and achievement. This can bring intense focus and determination, but also a tendency towards obsession and control. It’s important to stay balanced and not get too caught up in achieving your goals.




Venus enters Scorpio, the sign of passion and intensity. This can bring intense feelings, and a deep desire for connection. However, it’s important to be honest and upfront with your feelings, and to not let jealous possessiveness get in the way.




Neptune, the planet of illusion and spirituality, goes retrograde in Pisces, the sign of romance and imagination. This can bring a heightened sense of spirituality, and a desire to connect with something bigger than ourselves. It’s also a good time to be mindful of illusion, and to not get too caught up in fantasy.




The year ends with the Sun entering Capricorn, the sign of ambition and achievement. This is a time to focus on your goals and work towards success. It’s also a good time to be practical and disciplined in your efforts.


A Heartfelt 2023 Intention:


From this moment on, I fully embrace, receive, and notice the freedom within and all around me.


I intentionally choose to be open and in the natural flow of life.


I continue to expand into greater joy, Love, peace, freedom, financial wealth, support, creativity, balance, stability, fun, play, fulfillment, trust, connection, Divine Remembrance, and pristine health, with ease and grace. This or something greater, and so it is!


Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


Video - Manifest Miracle Consciousness - Part 2





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