St. Germain's Instructions for Currency Exchange and Celebration!

The time is nearly upon us, Beloved Ones. You will be collecting the riches you so deserve, and you will make them available to people and humanitarian projects all over the world.

Our efforts on your behalf have at last come to fruition. It has been a long and twisted path, filled with cloak and dagger intrigue and encounters with the Dark Ones befitting a Gothic novel, but we have prevailed, and all is well. It is now possible for all of you who have waited in good faith for your blessings to proceed with the great dreams of your hearts. As you move into the new day, you will find yourselves in the center of a joyful celebration, the likes of which you have never experienced before.

I do have some instructions for you about the methods you will use to exchange the currency you have all purchased. This will be especially relevant for those of you who have layaway programs still in effect. It is very important that you understand what I will tell you.

The laws which were put in place to entrap those who greedily took advantage of the first exchange program for the elite are still in place, and you will be bound by those same laws. This will not be a problem for you, since you are not the ones who require policing; however, you must know the procedures in order to exercise your blessings to the greatest advantage for you and yours.

There will be only one opportunity for you to trade your currency at the contract rate. This means you will take all your currency at one time to the bank of your choice. You are able to open multiple accounts. A multicurrency account may come in handy if you have layaway orders. It is recommended that you use a different account for each currency. These may be checking vs. savings, or different accounts in your own name. As long as they have different numbers, you can keep the currency you trade separate for tax purposes. Of course, we are working on those issues at present, so it is probable that taxes on your trades will be light, but it will ease your bookkeeping to have separate accounts.


Now, those of you who have lost the layaway options and have had delivery of some smaller amounts of currency will have an advantage. You will be able to trade in any amount of that currency at the market rate, then take your proceeds to pay off any amount you have in layaway. This will keep you within the current laws, since there is no limit to the amount you can trade in at the market rate. Just be aware that it is the much higher contract rate which we hope you will use for the majority of your currency.

You see, you cannot trade a small amount of your layaway reserves at the market rate, and then collect the rest and take it to the bank to exchange at the high rate. That would count as two contract rate trades, which is not permitted. You will need to work with the currency company where you purchased the layaways in order to collect your currency, or work out a satisfactory rate with them before you trade.

The most practical option will be to purchase a small amount of dong, which you can do at any bank you have an account with that has currency purchasing available. You can also buy it at any airport or currency exchange office where travelers buy currency for their trips. You can then trade in that amount after the revaluation, at the market rate, and use those funds to send a certified check to pay off your layaway currencies.

If you are short on cash and don't have a way of purchasing the dong to cover your layaways, then call on your friends, neighbors and family members. Offer to pay them back ten-fold if they will give you a loan. This way, you will all benefit.


The time is very short. These preparations must be made immediately. We want all of you to have the maximum benefits for your efforts, so do not hesitate if you still do not have any currency in hand.

The 800 numbers will be released as soon as all negotiations with the Big Five banks have been completed, and more importantly, when we have given the smaller banks a fair chance to take part in the currency trading. It is a joyful time for us, to be arranging this benefit for the neighborhood banks, and the credit unions which have the currency purchase option, as many have recently been encouraged to do. As you can imagine, it was our original intention to use those banks which are run by People of the Light.


We have no problem identifying those individuals who are Lightworkers in their true identities. As you know, not all bankers are Dark Hats. We have known for a long time which institutions we would prefer to work with; it has been our Plan B (or you might say, Plan AB) since the beginning. It was necessary to work with the big banks in order to lay the foundation for the sting operation which was responsible for identifying thousands of those who would have happily hoarded all the wealth, leaving little for you in Dinarland, as Tony calls it.

By the way, our Beloved Tony TNT is our greatest asset and our strong advocate for the Light, as you would know if you have read his personal posts with an open heart. He is not doing this work for personal gain or ego aggrandizement. It is shameful how many have abused him on the Boards and slandered him behind his back. Without him, this program of benefitting the Lightworkers while simultaneously entrapping the Dark Hats would not have been possible.

We would hope that all those who have brought negativity to the community will be as effusive with their apologies and praise as they were with their abuse once they are walking away with the profits and enjoying the global benefits Tony and his associates have helped to create. Their sacrifices will become known eventually, and he will be known as a hero. We embrace him, we love him, and we thank him with all our hearts.

There is not enough space in this letter, nor would they wish to be publicly acknowledged at this time, but the Ground Crew that has made this entire endeavor successful is enormous, in numbers and in the size of their hearts. Send them your gratitude and your blessings, Dear Ones. Without their relentless dedication, it could not have been done.

Now, I send you my endless Love and admiration - those of you who have shared the long journey of Faith, and who will now become the source of great benefits and enormous joy for others as you go about spreading the wealth across the planet. It is just the beginning, but it is a lovely and fitting beginning, is it not? Those who have had Faith, who have believed that God can accomplish the impossible, and who have invested their hard-earned funds, in spite of the ridicule from naysayers who tried to discredit our project, will be the first to share the wealth and the gratitude of their fellows. My heart sings with the joy of it.

We also are grateful for the channels who have made it possible for us to disseminate this information to a wide audience of Lightworkers. I will not mention them by name (smile) but you know who they are. As the energies lift all to higher dimensional awareness, you will all find it possible to tune in to the vibrations that carry our thoughts. It will indeed be a glorious day when you no longer have any need for telephones or social networks, because you will all be communicating telepathically.

And now, Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Stars, be ready to leave all doubts, all negative thoughts, all feelings of want or fear behind you. It is your birthday, your anniversary, and your graduation day all rolled into one. We will celebrate with brass bands, dancing troupes and great good cheer, as Planet Earth's vibration rises exponentially.

Enjoy your ability to give gifts to all you meet who are in need! Share your love along with those gifts, for the truly uplifting encounter with Destiny which you have arranged for yourselves. A New Day begins, and with it, the birth of the New Golden Age.

We are rejoicing just out of your vision, but not beyond your Vision. On the ships, the celebrations are constant and increasing. The vibration is rising throughout the Multiverse as we all join as One to celebrate the triumph of Planet Earth, her people, and all the beings of her great family of teeming life within and on the surface.


It is not possible to express my unlimited joy at this historic moment.

I am yours always, your St. Germain, in service to All.

Transcribed by Kathryn May, with joy and gratitude, January 5, 2014, 7 PM, Los Angeles, CA

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