I am super Christ consciousness in full embodiment right now

I am an avatar of love

I am that I am

I am the sacred violet flame

Purifying everything around it

Transforming & transmuting all things along it's path.

I use my personal power NOW with clarity & integrity, through the actions of enlightened will.

I am now open to full awareness of all that is within me : Love & pain, joy & grief, from this & other lives, And through great acceptance, in humility, I now cleanse & purge all that is toxic or illusory within myself.

I now surrender my will to the urging of my high heart & I willingly transform my life, aligning the actions I take with the truth that I know.

I am now fully committed to being in service of the truth in the world.

I am now aligned with perfected pattern of optimal wellness, as I heal myself & assist in healing others.

My will, my thoughts & deeds are now fully & harmoniously aligned with that of the great spirit.

I am now fully committed to attaining & grounding Through my body, the highest possible energies of the light realms in this world.

I am now fully open to the higher realms, and my latent capacities are now fully activated

Through the full and complete activation of my 12 DNA strings & my light body.

I am now a fully evolved & awakened spiritual & physical being.

I now fully activate all my inner capacities, on my way to fulfillment of my spiritual purpose.

I now walk the talk to all of it's points.

My highest dreams & visions, My full spiritual potential are NOW being fully manifested.

My inner light is now fully activated, and I live in compassionate empathy with all souls embodied & discarnate.

I continuously pour love into the world, through the inexhaustible well spring of my heart.

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Beautiful. Thank you.

Thank a lot Amba! :-)

Love, Patrizia


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