Hello everyone! I have some questions regarding sending Reiki to multiple levels of a person or multiple intentions of a person through a Reiki Box : (Does the person get multiple streams (just imagining it that way, or you can say beam of light) of Reiki or just 1 stream?)

1) If I send reiki to all bodies of a person at once (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc etc), will reiki work on all of them at once or only one at one time?
If it will work on only one at one time, Will it complete one and then move on to the next that I have written in my Reiki box until it completes all in the list, even after I have stopped sending Reiki?
Or will i have to keep sending regularly?

2) If I send to all organs of their body at once,  will Reiki work on all of them at one time or just one at one time.

3) Same question for multiple intentions or problems or life issues of a peson. Will reiki work on all of them at once or one at a time?

I am actually trying to investigate this in my thread here :

In my post, I have actually asked people who are sensitive to energy to report the following in their feedback (I am sending everyone participating, energies with the following intentions. Hopefully some one sensitive to energy will be able to respond) :
- Are the energies working on the physical body and all subtle bodies (like the mental, emotional bodies) at once, or only on one at one time.
- Are they working on different areas of the physical body at once or only one at a time.

So what do you experts say?

Thanking you for your help!

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Answer: set your intention to what you want and the energy will follow. Only you limit the energy by limiting your intent. Think universal and the energy will be received universally. Always add for the recipients highest and greatest good to respect the law of free will

It is very useful to know that! Thanks Chris! What I was wondering was that I can set the intention for energy to work in all levels of a person at once. That is not a problem. But once the energy enters the systems of a person, does it work on all levels of their existence "simultaneously" or only one at one time. And once it has completed working on 1 level, it moves on to the next level cuz I intended in to work on all levels. Which of those 2 methods does it follow? I have set the intention for it to do so, but upon receiving how does "the energy behave"? That is what I am interested in knowing.

Yes it works on all levels simultaneously

That is what I wanted to hear and I have been searching for! Thanks a lot Chris! I should have asked you this question right in the beginning instead of searching everywhere.


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