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IS there anyone here that does reiju's ? or sessions?  sometimes after awhile of not having anyone to trade distant sessions for quite some time as i do not like asking the same people, plus ive lost contact with many. I did in person healings with my girlfriend at the time, now ex, its been 3.5 years since we did that but when i attuned her and after about a year she was able to be attuned to master. I then attuned her with kundalini, gold reiki, taught her to channel white source energy as a pillar of light in the crown. it was nice being able to be cleared and give the session back. one thing ive noticed is self healing does not do nearly compared to another person doing a session, why that is, i dont know but many in the past have noticed the same thing. its been more than a year since my last session and this is NOT good for us healers.  when this happens and my energy flow slows, its because im not able to clear myself the way i need to. even though I am still homeless i did find a place to stay on a couch and a place to prepare food so i am extremely grateful for that. therefore i cant just go somewhere and pay anything with california being as hard as it is for jobs, its gotten extremely political and many of us have lost our jobs and were given away to look politically "nice" which was not right but it has allowed me to start looking further within myself and ive been further within than EVER so far.. and little visions have started which is new. the empath and healing i was born with before added modalities are under control but the visions are very neat being new and all. so im saying this "learning opportunity" that happened FOR me seems to have happened for a reason and i am grateful. but it is hard. I thank goodness for places like this that have people gather and ask questions, helping eachother. I really was hoping someone could do what has been done in the past and it works wonderfully. a session or a reiju clears it all and the flow is back to normal. I am working on self healing and have been for more than 12 years but ever so often this happens and it effects the many MANY people i help around the world on top of the clients they give me as being a volunteer for the DHN(distant healing network) but i help others too and when the energy flow slows it can be frustrating. it happens every couple years. I have even felt my perspective change to living from the heart chakra. every little thing, like a sun rise or a beautiful tree that seems to speak to me causes me to tear up, or when i see people in my minds eye running and hugging eachother, seeing the whole world holding hands is just not able to be put into words. when i see a stranger i feel unconditional love for that person. its very strange i know but i feel connected to everyone, its crazy but its NOT crazy. with my frequency raising like that why would my energy flow slow down where i hardly feel it and the clients hardly feel it recently and not being the first time in 12 years. difference is i see the world different now. its amazing. sometimes the energy, light and or reiki too will just shoot out of one of my fingers and then stop after. its just frustrating can anyone help me? when it gets flowing normal again i will return the favor! anyone? let me know as when i send sessions i like to make a time and send it while your relaxed in real time as ive never done a chi ball after all these years.. ive never thought of doing it. when the time comes let me know if your willing to help and receive the help back, like a swap. thank you, my email is if you rather go from there or message me, or let me know here please, otherwise  much love and gratitude - michael

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  • My gift to you. A Reiki healing session at

    • Brother ,this is not active there..And many videos got deleted I don't know you did or youtube

    • Navi, the videos from back in 2010 still have the healing effect. Like the attunements, the healing is ready to be received for all who wish to receive. The healing and attunements reside in time/space and 5D. The intention of the recipient to receive (free will) and the faith of the recipient they are being healed is required (free will plus allow Divfine to work its magic). There are 14 active videos there. They all still work. Yes I deleted some old videos to adhere to the law of free will regarding another's request. But the majority of the videos still work. YouTube channel website link is Blessings. 

    • Ok ,thank you ,namaste

  • Michael, I’m sorry that you’ve been without any kind of Reiki support for so long. However once you’ve done it it doesn’t go away. But life’s circumstances can effect the way we send and receive healing energy. I’d be glad to send you attunements in the near future. Bright blessings to you and yours...~M~
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