Question: Best gemstones/crystals for attuning heart chakra and healing breast cancer?

My sister just found out she has breast cancer. Born September 20, 1970, married & no biological children, 1 step daughter.  I want to do surround her with healing energies from crystals & gemstones and practice healing from afar.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Namaste

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For Heart use Moldavite. its quite intense and fast tuning energy.

Healing or support in cancer, better go for Healing techniques. that will be far more effective along with crystals.

Thank you for your time and energy to put forth so many details.  I will read and study it.


So sorry to heal about that issue. The traditional healing crystals to support a breast cancer fighter are said to be: amethyst  (a master healing which also helps abate emotional traumas related to the issue) carnelian (powerful supporting energy, blood purifier, and helps combat side effects of chemo/rad therapies, also sacred to Isis/Auset the Egyptian goddess of healing and protector of women), rose quartz (for heart chakra and support network, prevents feelings of isolation) and clear quartz (amplifier and synergizing healing crystal). Any pink or green stones resonate the heart chakra, Pink and green tourmalines have a cleansing effect, again good for easing side effects of treatments. My go to stone for this, in my opinion an awesome healing stone, would be pink mangano calcite. resonates the heart and crown chakras in a gentle way and is often called "The Reiki Stone". It naturally amplifies Reiki energies and other energy healing systems. Others you may consider adding might be rhodonite, rhodochrosite, green aventurine, unakite. Trust your intuition. You may need to use different stones at different points in this process.

I hope this helps.


Thank you so much! I will read all of your suggestions and learn what will work best.


Strongly agree with master Sukehndu.

You sister can do in addition to the other things she does the core fear matrix removal for the topic of cancer, for the topic of fear of death (which is releated to cancer) and for the topic of sexuality and being female (because it is breast cancer). She has to do it her self but it is not much work. If you like I can write you the invocation for the core fear removals.

Although their is an calling forth to Quan Yin (the Godess of Compassion) to open up the Thymuschakra (which is also called higher heart chakra) which stimulates and enhances the immune system and allows a more direct exprence of divine love.

If you like send a PM, i will not charge anything for it.

Thank you Bernd, I sent you a friend request and once received I will send you a private message.  I am so humbled by your willingness to help.  Thank you so much! Namaste!

Cindy, one additional suggestion I have. When you find a stone that you feel will be particularly helpful to your sister, you can have a pendant made as a gift to her. Program and charge it with Reiki and send/gift it to her. Crystals received as gifts naturally carry amplified healing energies and since she would be wearing it over her heart and breast area, the continuous flow of healing energy would be a great benefit to her.And since you would be the one gifting the pendant, it would act as a focus receiving the healing energy you are sending over distance.

Thank you for being here with us.


Wonderful suggestion.  I am doing this now. Namaste

Sorry to hear about your sister.

Have a look at the Properties of the following gemstones in the "Benefits" tab on this link : Emerald, Dark Green Aventurine, their combinations - Dark Green Emerine, Summer. Emerald destroys negative energy in any organ of the body. Aventurine gets rid of -ve energy. In the testimonials, there is one where a person mentions that they were cured of cancer by wearing both.

Light Green Aventurine is used in place of Dark, if the patient has been taking a lot of medication or has a history of drug abuse.

Purple Eagle is very good at resolving emotional and mental causes of physical issues.

     Diseases very rarely affect the physical body first. It is almost never the case. Always a problem starts in the mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. When the person fails to address it, it ends up in the physical body. Physical illness is a way of forcing the person to resolve the real underlying issues which they are not addressing.

     Once the real issues causing the breast cancer are resolved, the supply of -ve energy which is keeping the cancer alive will be gone.

It is a good idea to search on google for "Metaphysical meaning behind breast cancer". Here are some links. See if you can recognize any of the issues mentioned here affecting your sister.

These 2 cover many issues.

      I had non-stop headache and eyeache for 11 days. Remotely, a friend saw a huge level of stress in my head, brain and shoulders (which I was totally unaware of). She told me about it and said it was something from my past. I quickly recognized exactly what it was related to. And within minutes my headache and eyeache were gone and did not return!!! The mere recognition of the underlying issue that was causing the pain, ended it. No medication or energy healing was needed after I found the real issue. None of that was actually working until she told me about it.

Do look into the underlying causes of the breast cancer. If you can find a ThetaHealer for her, it would be great. They can hone in on the real issues causing illnesses in minutes.

Here is a video which shows cancer cells disappearing in 3 minutes. 7:05 - 9:13

Powers Of The Mind! (What we all can actually do!)

Thank yo u, thank you thank you.  I am so overwhelmed and grateful for all your suggestions.  Namaste

Sorry to hear about your sister cindy.
I am currently having treatment for Breast cancer, I had a lumpectomy and before my surgery I used Moldavite in my bra as close to lump as possible and set the intention to call any stray cells back to the lump that was to be removed, I also used a selenite wand in anti clockwise motion from my lymph nodes in armpit to “pull back any cancer cells” .
I had surgery in October and the cancer was contained in the lump.
However as I’m only 33 and and have two children under 4 with a high risk of recurrence and awaiting genetic tests so am having chemo and radiotherapy.
I use reiki charged crystals and reiki which helps with side effects of treatment.
I also have found grounding stones and rose quartz and Aventurine have been effective with my heart chakra aswell as daily meditation.

Love and light and healing blessings to your family.


If you want to send a message with your sister's personal information, I send free healing, within my means


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