Is there any preferred time period between Usui Reiki level 1, 2 and masters?

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I mean when taking attunements


I recommend a minimum of one day between those attunements for processing/cleansing time. 

Thank you Sir,

In this website its mentioned :

The rule of thumb is that there is about a three day clearing period per chakra and you have seven (7) primary chakras. So the clearing period for the First Degree is about three weeks. CAUTIONARY NOTE!: If you think that you will want to take the Second Degree training quickly after the First, please consider very carefully. When you progress to the Second Degree, the energy that your physical body can hold and transmit will be doubled and squared. Meaning if you have a light bulb that is 100 watts, when it is doubled and squared it will be 40,000 watts (100 doubled is 200, 200 x 200 = 40,000). It is IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS to learn the first degree then practice it on yourself and anyone who will let you for at least three months (traditionally one year!). Give the new energy patterns time to settle in your system. Then when you feel ready, proceed to Level II. If you do it quickly, you can expect increased and amplified symptoms of clearing, and espcially with the Level II clearing, it can be very, VERY EMOTIONALLY UNPLEASANT, if you don't wait. Consider yourself warned!

I would like to know your views on it. How far it is true? Thank you.

There is a great deal of nonsense written about all of this. Understand that you already possess all the powers inside of you that you are just "remembering" by taking the attunements and courses. We have always known to rub our tummies when we have a sore tummy, and it always makes us feel better. It's intuitive. So, also you will intuitively know when the time is right for you to take the next attunement. There is no standard time that fits all. I took them all in one day and I'm still here, alive and kicking. It felt right for me. Go with what feels right for you and all will be well, as of course, it always is.

May God bless you in all that you do,


Thank you Douglas Sir :-)

I agree Doug


Energy does not operate on linear time at all. To suggest an arbitrary measure of time with anything that has to do with Reiki is simply wrong. I have had hundreds of students all over the country who have taken all 3 levels in the same weekend and are doing just fine.


Many of these students were healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, physical therapists, etc) and it is important to present Reiki to them in a honest, practical manner so that Reiki continues to grow in the mainstream health industry.


Many of these students are now operating Reiki healing practices and/or teaching classes themselves.  


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