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Does a Reiki practitioner incur karmic debt from a recipient?

I was asked this question recently by a newcomer to Reiki systems. Apparently there is misinformation that this can occur. I can only speculate that this is coming from sources such as "sin-eaters" or certain shamanic practitioners who remove karmic debt from others by taking it  on personally and resolving it.

This cannot occur with Reiki in any way I can determine. A practitioner cannot "take on" on be contaminated so to speak by the karma of the receiver of the Reiki.

1. Karmic debt is personal. It is a "lesson plan" of sorts pointing that soul toward what they should focus on while incarnate in this lifetime. No one gets credit for doing anyone else's homework.

2.  When doing a Reiki session the practitioner should shield and protect both involved from external energetic influence. The practioner is a channel for the reiki energy to flow through. The energy may heal the practitioner as well as the client in the process.

3. Reiki energy follows laws of quantum entrainment, It flows only one way... from the stronger vibration (practitioner) to the weaker energy vibration (the recipient).

4. At session end, both are grounded and energetic connection is cut. From that point only the remaining Reiki energy continues working in both involved.

5, A Reiki Master CAN use advanced techniques to assist the client with Reiki to resolve and abate their on karmic issues, but such work does not act like a contagion or contaminent. Karma is identity-locked informational field, not an energy tat can be transferred.

Remember the key point of Reiki, the healer does not heal... only channels Reiki energy to the recipient. It is the recipient that heals themself with that Reiki energy.

Anyone else want to expand or add insight feel free!


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  • Karma is sorted out between you, your higher self, and the Creator. No one else. You can be love and do good works on Earth to release karma and ascend. You can also show others the example of being love and doing good works to help them release their own karma and ascend. As Christ mentioned, "Be a fisher of Men/Women." (Matthew 4:19)

  • Thank you for info 

  • there is NEVER a transfer of karma what so ever. It can NEVER be released by another the karma is yours and yours alone. you may share karma with others from this life or life past BUT it is still your and only yours, their karma is theirs, only theirs, and will always be theirs. You said it best, it is personal. this needs to be an example for instance; just as one's soul journey is personal, we may assist and help guide with that journey but we never "take on" another's soul journey and do it for them. That is to be the best example i can come up with. thank you for your post, i am new to this reiki group as i never knew it existed. With much Love and Gratitude.. -Michael

    • Welcome and thank you for also pointing out that only the individual can clear their own karmic issues. Many out there have said they can clear the karma of others with no work on their part. And many have sought to have sucj a quick fix. But karma dosn't work that ay and I have always felt at issue with that.

      I look forward to future insightful discussions.


  • T.J. great topic....i agree with you....karmic debt is personal, Reiki practicioner cant heal others karmic debts...a person must do it by him/herself....
    here is link to one good invocatin....if members here want to use....

  • Great topic! Thanks for sharing. Namaste

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