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Dear friends, I have following Manuals. Can one one Create chi ball attunements and post here so that every one will be benefited .

1. 999 High Magick Clear
2. 999 Sacred Kundalini Empowerment
3. Kundalini Reiki™ Millennium
4. Clearing 7 Karma Removal
 and many more

With love

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  • here us another Other one. Kamdev AND RATI EMPOWERMENT was given my one of friend and it is not available free on net . So I cannot post here 


  • Mahddu, I've posted instructions of how to attune others in the premium access section here (my book the Path of Oneness) or alternatively you can purchase the kindle version of Path of Oneness on Amazon or you can get the PDF or EPUB version here. You can apply the instructions to any attunement you wish to provide to others. Namaste.

    • Dear Chris Comish, Thanks for the books. As I am paid member of I have downloaded Path of Oneness from it .In your 36 attunements you stated about NEW USUI REIKI. It dos not have symbols. But after taking attunement How to activate it. 

    • Mahddu, For New Usui Reiki you activate by saying mentally or outloud, "New Usui Reiki on!" Namaste. 

  • It is our pleasure if you post  David's  page one or two per day or  send personally pdf or image to me ..

    Thank you 

    With blessings

  • I think present world going towards sexuality that is not good ,we have to make some Attu for spiritual empowerment for all's highest good so that balance would be manage ..

  • Respected  sir ,you can do it with love n light for highest good to others ..  coz ur words will work strongly .

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