Hello all,

I would like to know whether it is possible to attune someone distantly to Usui Reiki just by intent? So not by drawing the symbols, but just by stating with intent "... (name of person) is now being attuned to Usui Reiki level I (or II or master)" or using a chiball with this intent.



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Hi Louise, interesting question, and interesting replies from everyone.


Thanks Pat :-)


Hi Louise

Welcome here.

Distant Reiki work very good by Intention and chi ball and recived by the recipient 100%. I am doing Distant Reiki to my friends for so many years and worked out very well so far. Before doing it plz clean your Aura first and it gives good results.

Love n Light

......Namaste....Keep Smiling...!!

Thank you very much Mrs Smruti Desai


its nice to know i dont have to keep doing full rituals ata distance. however instructions for kundalini reiki allows me to attune others to it by simply stating: with love and gratitude I hereby attune (first and lastNAME) as soon as he or she asks to recieve it OR I ask their(first/last name) higher self and source of kundalini reiki that they be attuned now let the process begin until they are fully attuned with the frequencies of kundalini reiki and opened up & able to channel kundalini reiki with intent the moment the intelligent process is over, so it is and it is SO!

Louise, all I can say is practice with a willing volunteer. I use the symbols in attunements as part of my distance process prior to storing in a chi ball for intent to receive by the recipient, but if you are able to attune directly with only pure intent, try it. Namaste


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