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Fountain of Youth - Be Perfect Radiant Health Now

 Fountain of Youth -Perfect Radiant Health


Crystalline Truth

Please read all of the text to receive the full attuning energy

Crystalline Truth

Crystalline Truth is a continuous flow of ever-increasing energy held in the crystalline grids of pure Divine Love manifestation available now for All who wish to partake in the Divine love awakening on Earth.

Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth is a naturally flowing energy gently guiding your body to the perfect radiant health of your body now. This energy is directly connected to the crystalline grids of divine love. The fountain of Youth naturally promotes the creation of a personal crystalline grid. The personalised crystalline light feeds the body and exponentially increases your manifestation abilities for the highest good of All. The crystalline grid around the body assists to hold greater levels of highest forms of light which before where not easily sustained by the body.

If you wish to imagine what the crystalline grid once fully formed around your body would look like you can imagine a gio dome circular shape made of crystalline electric light feeding and sustaining all of your being.

The crystalline truth- fountain of youth flow of energy provided here is sustained by the White Brotherhood, the Ascended Masters, All the Saints, All the Angels and Archangels of pure love and God’s infinite light. Crystalline truth- fountain of youth, perfect radiant heath light is individually administered by your own personal Guides and Angels of pure love and God’s light. It is a gift of light and love, partake in it freely and give it freely to All.   

Perfect Radiant Health

Ageing is a process of the recent past, a mal-function of our current consciousness that can easily be repaired. The human body is a perfect design of everlasting radiance. The body has perfectly tuned regenerating abilities that until now in many have remained dormant. The body if correctly used does not have to be fed or even have the need for sleep. It is a perfect biological computer that serves as a physical home, a temple, for your Soul.  The true food for the body is the eternal light of God. It is time for you to reconnect to the divine light of God, to fill your Spirit with the light of your Soul.

The light of God enfolds me, comforts me and protects me now. I know that I am loved.


The Earth is one with me for my body is one with Earth and the Earth is one with my body because we are made from the same biological material and by the same divine light. I feel our connection now. We, the Earth and I, live in perfect harmony for I know we are one, I know we are All One.  


I AM the Perfect Radiant Health of my Body NOW

All is done in perfect divine order and you have come to read these words because your Soul is calling for you to be, to shine, to show your true light now. It is time for you to be the perfect radiant health. The physical body is a reflection of your inner self. The time has come to be the inner light that shines for all freely in Truth.

You are the light, You are the light now, you are the light that shines for All in LOVE.


I AM the Light, I am the Light NOW, I am the light that shines for ALL in Love.

The light of my being is Truth. The light of my being is Joy. The light of my being is Peace. I am the love that emanates from my core, from my Soul. I am the light, I am the light, I am the light now.

I am the perfect radiant health of my body now. I am the perfect radiant health of my body now. I AM the Perfect RADIANT Health of my body NOW. And so I am the perfect radiant health.


We the many Spheres of Angels of Love now take you on a journey of light upon our wings of pure divine love. Simply allow our love to comfort and relax you as you take in a deep breath.

The breath is life, in your breath you will find us.

As you notice your breath, you will notice and remember us, the Angels.

We the Angels of life serve God and comfort you, assist to sustain and repair you. When you breathe with intent you invite us to assist you in all ways for your highest good. So take your time to breath slowly.


Notice how relived from all your many worries and hurts you feel when you breath out with intention, when you breath out with us, your Angels who are always besides you.


Release it all to us now beloved child of God. Give us with your out breath all that no longer servers you. Be free now, be free now, you are free. You ARE FREE.

I am free of all my past, I am free from all that does not reflect perfect radiant health of my body now. I am free from all that held me back from embodying the true divine light that I am, for I am the divine light that I am. 

Notice how energised and renewed you feel as you breathe in with intention, when you breathe in with us, your Angels who are always here besides you. Do you feel our love?

I am worthy, I am worthy, I am worthy. I am loved and surrounded by many Angels of the pure divine light. I allow the Angels to assist me in All areas of my life, I surrender to the loving Will of God.

Allow the Violate and Lavender to envelope your being. Allow the power of this light to wash away your pain, to cleanse all fear from you, to set you free from baggage of the past.

Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice. Feel this air of freedom. Breathe in this newly found freedom and feel joy.    


The Rainbow waterfall of light now nurtures you with energy you need. Feel how each colour penetrates your body, renewing every cell. Feel these, the waters of the fountain of everlasting youth as they restore you to divine perfection of your body now.


I am the divine perfection of my body now.

I am the everlasting youth of pure love light vibration.

I am the radiant truth of love that flows from God.

I am, I am, I am the light perfection.  I know that God created me perfect in God’s pure love. I allow for the light of God to flow though me in service and devotion to the only one true Love.


Now, dear one submerge into the crystalline river and fully activate the pranic cord of light.

Archangel Selaphiel I call upon you in a state of utmost love. I pray please come and help me. You are the carrier of prayers to God, please be so kind and always take mine. In love please teach me how to listen to responses from our All almighty God and how to act in truth and light upon them.
Thank you Selaphiel, thank you, thank you. In faith be it so.


We Archangels send you many blessings and our light. The light God of surrounds you.

Your heart is the centre of your beingness while you walk upon this Earth. Your heart centre is your core. If you now wish to partake in YOUR gifts of light and divine beauty please place your hand upon your heart.  

In trust, in faith and love accept our light and your gifts in pure divine love and light now. We love you. We are ALL one.


The light of God that never fails shine in your love thought and around me.
In gratitude, my Spirit dances.
In Joy my Soul sings the perfect harmony of peace.
In love and light my being forever more shall live. 


I now call upon the Crystalline Truth energy and the Angel and Archangels who administer energy in 100% pure love and light intention, in accordance with divine order and my absolute highest good, to attune and align me and balance me perfectly now.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you God. Thank you that I am. 




Crystalline Truth - Fountain of Youth Manual.docx

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