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Most lightworkers don't see energy, and those i know are focused on dark energy. Lol they will just keep seeing what they are focusing on.


So, if you can really see energy, angels, talk with people souls....Or even analyse people, their energies, analyze reiki they are many things we can do with our soul skills.

Let's make an hotline !

Most people don't have faith enough because they hear about fears and dark bad guys, but once we see, we don't fear anymore because we know. it's a relief.

Help those people who can't see and need peace of the mind to go on.

Invite your friends you have time to help.


It's an hotline, sometime a negative feeling comes, we think of an attack, maybe it is not, but not knowing increase the bad feeling. So joining if you have time.


Anytime God answers you here and the angels here

and remember, only love is real

Thank you everyone.

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  • Anytime the Elohim answers you here via telepathy and the Elohim scientists here do the same remember only unconditional love is real.
  • Dear Lisa,

    Thankyou for sharing your experience!  Wow amazing that you can see it interact like that.  I was laying by the pool a few months back enjoying the sun.  Sending healing and love to people with my eyes closed relaxing... when for the 1st time I noticed in my 3rd eye area an clear translucent yet visible energy (about the size of an large orange) making psychedelic waves folding in within itself.  I was surprised and noticed when I opened my eyes I still saw it right in front of me.  I was in awe of how beautiful the pattern was.  It stopped when I wasn't connected.  It always amazes me the new and wonderful things I experience.  We are all so blessed.

    Wishing you all the best.  Sending you love, light and blessings.

    Namaste  Lara 

  • Nope. not the Aurora Borealis.  I dont live North enough. besides, this energy had interaction with the energy of the other trees.

  • I saw the most AMAZING thing this evening.  I went outside in the backyard to the clearing. Its a beautiful, sightly windy night. the temperature is pleasant. cloudy.  i looked up at the sky, and around the treetops was the energy of the trees interacting with eachother.  it looked like they were dancing. The energy was very wispy, flowing up and around the tree and other trees around it. there were occasional silverish spikes from the tops reaching up further to the sky, and periodically, small silver 'peeps' (if not for a better word).  I also saw some streaks of bright blue higher up. it was by far the most beautiful thing i have yet to witness.

  • Forgive me, Alain.  I dont know which blog you mean....

  • I have experienced things for as long as i can remember.  I've tried to find support, answers etc for over 20 years in books, people, and the internet. I have always been met with sarcasm, hostility or just plain silence.  where can i get support to make sense out of some of this?



  • Can anyone do a reading for me? :D Please pm if so and i will give details. Many thanks.

    Love & Light


  • Also tell my higher self I am ready to regain all my abilities and refuse to do bad things with them! I feel very confident in having them as I think it is as natural as breathing yet I noticed a lack of them (except sensitivity and empathy but even that is hard since I got harassed).

  • Would anyone mind doing a reading? LOL, I am happy there seem to be so many good people here and lack of male sexists channelers who really want something else (like other forums I been to). I feel confident here.

    Topic I want channeles; My astral kids, twin, my higher self, my higher self helping my lower self getting rid of negatives, my GOOD guides and guardians.

    IF ANYTHING I am thankful for good intended work so dont hesitate PM or write here.

  • I have come across the 12D shield on <energetic synthesis>. Lisa Renee, Ascension Guide, says that at this time lightworkers are under psychic attack and gave this process to protect ourselves. I tried it a couple of days ago and I believe it has helped me a lot. It can be found under Ascension Tools on her website.

    You can also ask for a Ban of Non-intereference to be put on the entity/entities bothering you(cool). This is like Part 2. You do it after you create the shield. I've just tried this. I will keep you informed as to its' effectiveness in my case. I think you need some faith too. I'm working on it.

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How to recognise good and bad spirits.

Psychic gifts are strange. All of us have them but only few of us can access them. Most of us get flashes of these gifts occasionally. As to being afraid- if you feel fear in the presence of a spirit it usually means that it is not a good spirit so you need to remove it asap. Also, if you feel your hair standing on end or being pulled upward it is not a good spirit.  Good spirits do not engender fear or unease. There is a simple test to find out if it is evil. Say the R.C. Magnificat aloud. If…

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