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Do you have a job? 

Do you like where you work?

If not what do you do to change this?

What is prosperity from your point of view?

Feel free to discuss on this topic. I belive sharing our experiences will help many in finding what they are happy with in this aspect of theyr lifes.

I find very inspiring alain's post: here.


Many prosperity and abundance at all levels!


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  • You know i remember when creating this group i was doing very bad with money, and now after so many time i come again here and comparing how i was then and how i am now. Law of attraction gived me decent money but money isn't everything. In life there should be balance in everything for a joyfull life just like Alain said.

    Many light and love to you all


  • I just listened to the money tree meditation - amazing!!  Thank you so much, Alain, for sharing!

  • I am just starting my journey with energy work... and I am still very stuck in the 9-5 drudgery of my job.  I am very thankful that I HAVE a job in this economy, but I would love to take a new direction using positivity and creativity to bring in the money I use to pay for this life. I would also love to live in a place that takes me away from the city where I can grow/raise/forage the majority of my food and have an "off the grid" home.  My problem is lack of direction/focus.  It feels like this job occupies so much brain space and time out of the day that I can't find that new direction... I can't see through the fog of this existence to get a glimpse of the fulfilling life that awaits my discovery.

  • Hi


    Have just listened to the meditation which activiates the money tree in the higher dimensions, lovely!



  • ALAIN: this link did not work ( )

  • Thank you for your work here Alain! and Happy new year :D


  • Ok. Thank you, Alain.

  • Namasthe
    I have sound monitery problam, how. Can I overcome?
  • that warm and gentle energy touch my body  and to be a harmonious and fully open to sharing my personality with you, i open my chakra to warm and gentle energy will touch your body and harmonized you, so you gave me the knowledge of your personality born.

    After thet with foul concusnes you are fuling energy to your first chakra than to his/her to feel how are you function you 2  into the material world.

    then with second chakra that you discover his world of man or woman in the relationtship on yours.

    Go with the third  to find out how you are together function in creation of material situation, then go to your emotional world and find out what he or she want from you on the energy level of love and support the existence of. and you can find out what are his or her nature born talents that you should support like a parent. And at the end, how are you working  on the outer world with the GOD s ENERGY.

    After full awernes you send second, third than first symbol on him or her, that you drees him or her in Reiki energy and afirm;

    Light, energy and love, harmoni  -  i accept you just like you are and I support your existence.

    Then sign  first symbol on his ear, wash your hands, drink water a take a time to fix your impressions about wath your child and you is binding and wath is decomposes to of you

    And so it is


    Derek good luck Love and light to all

  • Hi to all it is from the book Dubravka Manola Reiki symbols for all people who work with energy and have a little children. I t i sall about how to children to give all your love, and that the children dont feel like autority, whitout result in the realization of childrens way to the light. First you most be good and healty and you must accept  all around just like it is. You are giving and the child is taking, because you have take it from your parents the energy as your parents have known in that time to give you( the energy) Sory it is my translation heh

    It goes like that it is fo the Reikist who have second degree

    You are hapy parent, you know reiki and you decided that is the moment of cognition to your relationtship with your children. Open the reiki with attention  

    to cognition to nature of your child.

    Afirm: I am discovering world from my/mine (name), to be closer to him and gave all his unconditional love, and opened the door to endless freedom growing up

    few times : energy,light, love

    When you feel that you are hapy and relaxed, let it be in front of you establish your child's energy, the way you feel it through the conscious perception evoking o f your visions your child.

    First open your chakra then his/her with afirmation

    I am opening chakras, 

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