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in the light city of Shamballa, is done what is missing on earth : any action, thought, word, movement, feeling is a prayer. Before the veil came to us incarnated, for each and every action we did it by simply asking God for it and received. Now praying is misunderstood, done only in despair, and done in a sacred fashion. It is not. Remembers beloved that prayer is the real thought, the real talk, the talk of the Heart.

Once awake, we don't think anymore, we don't judge. Let the heart speak all the time starting now.

I hereby invite every heart to learn how to pray, to share prayers, to grow as a receiver of the Source.

I had this idea after i wondered how i can be more love and light. How can it help me ?

The ego would seek people, reiki masters, hard. Why worry when you can pray ?

I asked God.

I simply said this in my mind and heart : "God, make all the miracles you want through me for all your Creation, all your children, through my heart, my self to bring me closer to you and my true nature for my highest good and greatest good. Do it everyday, all the time for all of us and the highest good and greatest good. Do your Will, God. Thank you.

I think my intent was precise and clear, so i simply thought that. And i felt great :)


You can also prepare rendez-vous to pray all at the same time.

Maybe we can make a special prayer, a connection, an intention that will connect us to a mass consciousness ?


For example, for the prayer "our father"

why not say before "i now join god's heart & the consciousness matrix of all the hearts saying this prayer" and then say it ?


Some prayers also here :



I pray daily, my Service is simply with prayers and the soul network.

I would love that you align with all my prayers that are for your highest good and greatest good.

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  • Hi! I join this group a mins ago because I believe meditation is more of a effective means than talking to yourself as pray often makes others feel as they do or I do to be more precise.
  • voici une prière que je fais aussi avec le Notre Père Credo Gloire à DIeu 

    Père Céleste - Source Sacrée Eternelle,

    je viens à Toi maintenant dans le nom puissant de Jésus,

    Te louant et T’adorant pour qui Tu es – le Roi des rois et le Seigneur des seigneurs.

    Merci, Père Eternel de la Source Sacré, pour toute Ta grâce, Ta miséricorde et Tes bénédictions sur moi et ma famille.

    Merci parce que Tu nous as donné Ton Fils Jésus qui a payé le prix de nos péchés à la croix, qui nous a acquis par Son sang et qui nous rachetés.


    Saint-Esprit, merci de nous révéler les mystères de Dieu le Père Source Sacrée Eternelle et Son plan de salut pour nous racheter par le sang de Jésus.

    Merci, Saint-Esprit, d’être Celui qui nous aide, nous enseigne, notre consolateur, et parce que Tu nous conduis dans toute la vérité.

    Merci, Saint-Esprit de nous révéler la vérité dans la Parole de Dieu Eternel.

    Père Eternel Source Sacrée, j’élève vers Toi, vers Ton trône de grâce et de miséricorde, toute ma famille.

    Seigneur Jésus Christ, nous Te donnons toute la gloire, l’honneur et la louange pour ce que Tu as fait pour moi et ma famille.


    Ainsi soit il !


    Seigneur, merci parce que Tu as les yeux sur les justes et les oreilles ouvertes à ma prières. Merci de me permettre de connaître Ta volonté en toutes choses et de Te révéler à moi lorsque je Te le demande. Aide-moi à demeurer en Toi afin de pouvoir comprendre Tes voies et Ton coeur. Que Ton amour et Ta paix grandissent dans mon coeur pour qu'il devienne le plus grand témoignage de Ta bonté. Au nom tout puissant de Jésus.



    Blessed Are The Meek, For They Shall Inherit The Earth

    A quiet heart, submissive, meek,
    Father, do thou bestow,
    Which more than granted, will not seek
    To have, or give, or know.
    Each little hill then holds its gift
    Forth to my joying eyes;
    Each mighty mountain then doth lift
    My spirit to the skies.
    Lo, then the running water sounds
    With gladsome, secret things!
    The silent water more abounds,
    And more the hidden springs.
    Live murmurs then the trees will blend
    With all the feathered song;
    The waving grass low tribute lend
    Earth's music to prolong.
    The sun will cast great crowns of light
    On waves that anthems roar;
    The dusky billows break at night
    In flashes on the shore.
    Each harebell, each white lily's cup,
    The hum of hidden bee,
    Yea, every odour floating up,
    The insect revelry-
    Each hue, each harmony divine
    The holy world about,
    Its soul will send forth into mine,
    My soul to widen out.
    And thus the great earth I shall hold,
    A perfect gift of thine;
    Richer by these, a thousandfold,
    Than if broad lands were mine.

    George MacDonald

  • prayer for healing photo: Healing Prayer healing.jpg

  • Thank you alain

  • Hi Alain !
    My first language is Portuguese (I live in Brazil), and my second language is English. 

    The realignment seems to work well. Thanks. The lines are a kind of underlying structure to the meridians.

    I feel I'm progessing towards Oneness as I work with different techniques, and this makes me surrender to my heart.   


  • Yes. I have this feeling, that the more I work with prayers, the more I walk towards total oness. I'm testing some things, like this with chinese medicine. However, the feeling I get is that I'm open to more and more as I progress. And I notice that my generic prayers (what you call oness) are also more powerful. Both kinds of prayers are powerful. Oness prayers and specific ones. I feel that the will come a time when both merge into one. And then I´ll have real Oness.
    Thanks and blessings.   

  • Alain. 
    I'd like to give some feedback to you and the group. The prayers are beginning to work for me, like they were attunements. 

    I thought "Ok, I'll try to create a Reiki-effect trough my prayer alone." I study Chinese Medice. So I created a prayer to unblok some of my meridians (energy channels). I have said this every day, in the last five days or so, in utter quiteness and deeply:
    "God, my Almighty Creator. Liberate my 8 extrordinary meridians. Namely: Ren Mai, Du Mai, Dai Mai, Zhong Mai, Yin Qiao Mai, Yang Qiao Mai, Yin Wei Mai and Yang Wei Mai. Liberate them immediately. It is done. I'm cured. I'm cured. I'm cured." 
    In the first day I noticed something working but I was not sure. In the following days, including today, these specific meridians are flowing strongly. And each day it seems it gets stronger. The body regions where the meridians pass have shown as though they were healthier. 
    In sum, I'm happier I can make changes to my body and energy just by saying prayers. I'm quite amazed.
    I got deeply inspired by Gregg Braden's video:
    What do you suggest I try now ?
    Thanks, blessings.  

  • Alain... Wow.. that last one worked very strongly to me. I felt a strong relief around my heart and in my whole body -- as if the channels (meridians) were getting disentangled.  

    Please keep sending the prayers everyday, is possible. That will help us keep up with the work. 


  • Thank you Melodie for this poem love you sis

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