Would you like to have someone help you get to know the website
features & content, answer any queries you may have and also help you
get to know everyone?  If so, please let us know by making a quick
post here and someone will be
in touch to give you all the help you need!
If you feel like doing so, you may also introduce yourself by adding a
discussion to the group here.
We would love to help you, and also get to know you.

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Hello and Blesssings

I am a new member and this is the site I seem to have been searching for forever. It has a staggering range of features and I am anxious to make the most of it. I would love to have a 'buddy' to help me navigate around this great facility.


It would be particularly useful if you were interested in Chrystals, Healing and Angels which are my primary interests. However, I am here to learn, to develope my own understanding and help others on their own Spiritual Journey.


Thank You Chris for putting this amazing resource together and for the support that you give.


I look forward from hearing from anyone interested in taking me on as a buddy.


Love and Light


Christoffer that would be wonderful. I really could use some help as I'm not very computer savvy and there is so much crammed into this glorious site. Today has been another wet miserable day, so I have had bags of time to have a look and get a general feel for what is here.


It is very exciting to find so many likeminded people with so many thoughts, ideas and faiths my mind is in a complete whirl :-)


Thank You and Namaste

I would like some help about how to post things on the site and in general an orientation about how the entire thing functions

Hey Chris,

Thanks for this beautiful gift (

I remember someone told me:

You have to find your way yourself to learn reiki, If you work honestly the information will come to you “from the air”. You just appear on the right place in the right time and hear or see something important for you.

I believe this time I'm at the right place in the right time! :)

Once again Thank You Chris :)


Ankit :)

hi chris that be great to have bit guidance just come on today kind blown way with it all i can find my self around but little help wouldn't go amiss either  . looking forward to connecting to everyone here and making new friends . did ask if it ok to do blog on card of the week has don't want jump in has lot about healing here which is fab so wouldn't want to offend by no means. wont do it all time when i drawn to put one on . let me know if that ok many thanks kerryann xxx

Hello Beautiful Shamballa Beings,
I am hoping that someone could tell me how and where I can subscribe
to receive and attunement.
Thank you in advance;)
Much love

Okay no worries I have figured it out . . .it was a pop up window problem.

much love.


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