Hello everybody!  I have been on what I guess I could call a "spiritual quest"?  I've been trying to soak up as much info as possible on subjects relating to natural healing modalities.  I am on temporary disability due to pelvic issues, which lead to many surgeries.  I am trying to heal myself on every level, not just on the physical, but the emotional and spiritual levels as well.  I am particularly interested in learning how to communicate telepathically with the animal kingdom, angels, and spirit guides.

    I've already researched quite a bit on animal communication, I just need to learn how to open up my third eye chakra because I feel it is very blocked.

 I have been working through Chris Comish's 45 Attunements book, which is how I discovered this website.  When working through the book, I noticed that I felt all the attunements up until Kundalini Level 2...I'm not really sure if Kundalini 2 and 3 worked or not.  I went through the attunements and then proceeded to the Imara Reiki attunement, which I couldn't wait for, because it sounded like just what I needed!  I didn't feel anything yet again.  I don't know what's going on!?!

   Anyway, I would appreciate any type of helpful information:)

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@ KP, try them again after a break. Your body may still be catching up from all the other attunements. Your higher self may be intervening to make sure you don't overload with energies. When I first started, I found the best way to receive attunements was when I was relaxed, in a meditative state, free of distractions. I used to enjoy receiving attunements by going to bed a little early or before an afternoon nap. That way my body was also relaxed, but doing it before you are really tired is good too because then you enjoy and feel the energies while the attunement happens. Check out the recommended attunement order discussion here too. Take your time, I prepared everything and know that your higher self is watching over that everything is received perfectly. Try to take some of the attunements over that you did not feel, when you are relaxed. When I first took Karuna Ki back in 2007, I didn't feel it and asked for a reattunement because I was sitting in a chair and my family was interrupting plus I had lots on my mind. Then I reattuned relaxed and lying down and I felt it wonderfully spiral through my system. I prepared everything that it is received when each person asks for it, so if you ask for it again when relaxed you will receive reattunement. I hope this helps and welcome to the City of Shamballa!

also check out the events here....there are the attunements in the book plus even more from others here ready for you to receive.

Thanks so much for your recommendations:)  I will try the attunements that I did not feel initially again when I am more relaxed!


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