I was cleaning my wife's car the other day, and discovered a stack of CDs near the glove box. One of the CDs was odd to me, because it wasn't my handwriting nor was it my wife's handwriting. It was the handwriting of an ex-girlfriend of mine from back in 1999. In 2005, she passed away in a car accident. So, it was a message from the afterlife. The songs on the CD-R were all of her songs. I thought this might be important that I suddenly found this CD that was lost for 10 years.


So I decided to discover if this was a message. I kept seeing my ex-girlfriend, Lynne, sad but I couldn't understand why, because I watched her go into the light in 2007 after performing a purification on her. She moved from the astral realms to the heavenly realms. When she was sad in 2007, that was when she was in the astral realms, before the purification, waiting for resolution.


I decided to contact her in the afterlife, using a method I learned. I always place protection on me first, and invoke Archangel Michael to protect me, to eliminate astral interference in the contact.


After begining the contact, I waited and then saw an image in my mind's eye. A white door opened and there she was looking at me, with her white gown on. I felt energy ground in my hand chakra and feet chakra points. The connection was established.


(Lynne): Appearing in a white gown, flying, not so etheral like someone from the astral realms (they are greenish hue or grey depending on their vibration), but she was more pure and with a more fuller look. "I'm so free!, you are going to like it over here," she said. I asked her to test contacting me, so my physical body could recognize it so that not everything was in my mind.


(Chris): She lightly touched my hand, but what I really felt was when she floated over me and rested gently on my body and I could feel some weight on me, and it was a little hard to breathe but it was fun. (I believe she could project energy into a density that is able to interact with the physical nervous system, chakra system, and depress my lungs a bit).


(Lynne): (Reading my mind). Yes the CD was a reminder of me. But it was not intentionally placed in your way. It was just something you kept. You can listen to it, I don't mind. Chris, I am very happy where I am and I can thank you for everything you have done. The sadness you see is a memory, an astral projection generated by your mind, your mind's memory keeps it alive. I am not sad now, I know you made amends. Everyone is taking care of everyone now. I was only sad when we first met, but I'm not anymore. But that was what generated the projection in your mind. When you see it, accept it as illusion that is generated when you have sadness of our loss of physical connection. It is a projection of your inner feelings. I am happy now and not sad and we wil meet again, so what you saw was illusion. This will be what you can work on yourself, to get rid of the illusion yourself. I am free! I can fly! I feel love! I'm with God and you will be with God too when you come over here. You are doing great, God has confirmed hasn't He? Since I know you are asking me about how you are doing, the evaluation of your current life would be a B+ to an A love vibration. You will come here when you pass, you have provided so much love and the world recognizes it.


(Chris): Tell me more about where you are.


(Lynne): She was all white. I asked her if everything is white in the heavenly realms, but she said, only when you want it to be and that was the color she preferred because it was the sum of all the colors, and the most pure, like God. She showed me how she can shift to color, and showed me her garden in full color, studying in the library, elements I saw before from visits to Shamballa. She was connected to everything, she could visit any planet, any galaxy, any timeline she wished. She also entered a white, pure, glowing room, and the Archangels were standing there with her. She said, this is God's Heart. 


(Chris): I said, "When can I join you?" She said, "Whoah! Not yet. You still have a life to live and a daughter who loves you. You will return here in time." I couldn't think of anything more to ask at the time, so I said goodbye, but was happy I found a new guide.


The interesting thing for me, in my experience, is that someone in the afterlife can't really grasp me or tickle me (maybe they can but she didn't seem to do this to me or maybe it was too weak of a sensation for my nerves), but they can float over me and sit on me, and it sure is hard to breathe.


I had the same thing happen when I contacted Holly Bobo who was murdered in April. She told me her bones are in Tennessee. I asked her to prove that she was real. Well she floated over me and her energy density made it hard for me to breathe as she floated over me too. (I contacted her after purification, so that he vibration was positive for me when I connected).


Also the force someone in the afterlife exerts comes from feet up, so I think they mix in with your earth star chakra to exert physical force on Earth. That would explain why many times, the afterlife manifests on the foot of people's beds and sits and watches. It is close to the earth star and easier to manifest force toward the feet. The crown chakra activates and minds eye activates for the telepathic contact. The upper chakra telepathic/mind's eye connection is the easiest for the afterlife to maintain, but the earth star connection is what generates force to allow for physical-like contact.


So the next day, I listened to her CD and one song was a love song. I was a little sad, remembering dancing with her one night. Well she connected to me telepathically and said she wanted to express her love and showed me a trick. People in the heavenly realms can warm your heart chakra for you if you are sad or miss them- they are radiant love generators (as opposed to astral planes travelers who are energy, but they are cold, and their vibrations are somewhat distorted and not perfectly pure). The heavenly warmth is kind of like an astral hug. And I received warmth (love energy) from Lynne in my heart chakra, as she poured her love into my heart.

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I like it too.....

Thank you !. I understand that is good  for everybody to clean  earth star chakra, time to time

Wow! Thanks for sharing... I lost my boyfriend in July and it has been very hard but I know he is close by. I actually communicated with him for 30 minutes one day when I was driving thru messages on licence plates. I was talking to him and he was communicating back thru the licence plates. I was in a rare state of euphoria during the experience and it was absolutly amazing. Something that is hard to concieve unless you were there I guess you could saY. Thanks again.


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