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Lumbini is a small town in Nepal where Shakyamuni Gautam Buddha was born about 563 BC. This is one of the holiest places in the world where the followers of Buddhism and peace lovers can visit.


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  • I would like add on this group The Dubbed Buddha Boy "The Eleven Maitreya Precepts", one of the most powerful messages he spoke to the world.
  • hi Melodie Munro,

    This could high priority of discussion how come the dubbed Budda Boy could live without sustenance for 6 years. When asked he says, I eat but not here. He eats in other Loka. Do you believe ? According to the Buddhist cosmology, Shakyamuni Buddha was able to land in 6 Lokas (6 worlds) or (6 realms). The Buddha Boy can land on 21 Lokas. As  a lay man, it would be quite difficult to interpret.

    Is there any who can bring this issue in discussion.

    Maitreya !


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  • I have seen the video of the Buddha boy. It is incredible how he has survived in this way. I would be more than happy to hear what your thoughts are about his meditation to achieve this. or mi to fo

    • Hello Melodie! My birthday is on February 6th!
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