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This is a guided meditation to help you experience & know God within you. Its is the 2nd guided meditation video in the new series called "Ascension Videos That Help You Ascend, found at: You can find more info about the 2 powerful chants in the video at: Seven Holy Kumaras -, and the Moola Mantra -


Here's an Intro To the Meditation:

And now we call forth our "I Am Presence" to merge with our mind & lead & guide us in this meditation. We call forth Ascended Master Sanat Kumara & the 'Lords of The Flame' & Archangel Metatron with all of the accompanying Archangels and Great Beings helping mankind ascend to help lift our vibrations and release from each of us all remaining blocks to our ascension.... We allow Father/Mother/God's Divine Will to merge with Our Will.... We allow God's Love & Power to flow thru our entire Being now as we listen to the 'Moola Mantra', as we allow the Supreme Being's Energy to help us experience Pure Love....Pure Bliss....Pure Joy.... .We allow ourselves to experience God's Divinity within us in every moment, and with every Breath we take.... Following our breath now,  we know God is Breathing thru us as we allow ourselves to receive now God's Sacred Fire Love in the chant of the 'Seven Holy Kumaras'.... and God's Sacred Fire continually works in us consuming all remaining 3rd dimensional crystallization's....We allow ourselves to perceive God's Qualities within us now... We allow ourselves to perceive God's Essence that is Beyond Form within all of life .... We allow ourselves to perceive God's Essence within every person we look at.... We allow God's Peace & Love to abide in our Awareness in everything we experience in life now.



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  • Hi everyone, This message is about the meditation in the video called "Divinity Is God In You" posted here, & I just want to give full credit to the Children of the Sun Foundation for the 1st two thirds of this video. The 1st segment with the Moola Mantra is from the Rite of Passage # 1 - "Rite of Divine Relationship," found at: The 2nd segment,with the "Chant of the Holy Kumaras" which includes Ascended Master Sanat Kumara's Rod of Initiation with the Rays of the Sacred Fire Love is from the 3rd Rite of Passage - :"The Rite of Transfiguration", found at:

    But the most important thing I want to say to everyone is that the above meditation was not intended to replace or displace the full version of each Rite of Passage. Its hard for me to express in words how profound & powerful the meditations in the Rites of Passage are & can be for everyone who meditates once a day with the Rite of Passage meditation for each week ( there are 12 free audio MP3 meditations downloads of very high quality, one for each week, with a new one every Sunday for 12 consecutive weeks, & we are on the 3rd week now with the Rite of Transfiguration). Literally thousands of people around the world are joined together daily in Spirit & Consciousness doing these meditations, & I am personally meditating once a day with the full version for the week.... and I can only say that my feelings of joy & expansion & peace & unity continue to increase for me daily.

    Love & Light Blessings to all,


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