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So, beloved ones, let us now gather our energies as we guide you through the dimensional portals, through the energy and into the center of this Ascension Wave therefore, please straighten your spine, draw your shoulders slightly backwards opening your heart chakra. Take a deep breath in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, take another deep breath in exhaling through your mouth and relaxing your body. Imagine a powerful gold and red flame of energy running up and down your spinal column. This is your life-force; the empowering energy that has always existed within you. This energy becomes more tangible now and you become more conscious of it because many veils have fallen and many outdated beliefs, attitudes and perceptions have been released. You have already acknowledged aspects of yourself that you never knew existed, and this was not such a long time ago. I want you now to take a moment to give thanks for every challenge you have experienced, for every tear you have shed, for every moment of woe, of grief and sadness. Give thanks for every dark night of the soul you have endured, for it is all of these experiences that have made the cracks in the walls of defense and burnt through the veils of illusion and broken down the constructs of ignorance and revealed to you your inner wisdom, revealed to you your inner tutor and shown you the higher intelligence of the advanced aspects of your divine self that have guided you, guarded you and gifted you. The "Earth Walk" is one of the most challenging any soul can choose to undertake. It is the most stringent school of learning and is a place where the soul is stripped bare, left with nothing but the potential to gain everything. Your journey into reclaiming the treasures that exist within love and wisdom and empower you as a spirit and as a being of light is now before you. Feel your energy as it moves from the dams, along the streams and the rivers and into the lakes, and feel your energy moving into the great oceans, becoming one with the vast body of divine wisdom and love represented by the seas and oceans of your Planet. Breathe in deeply as these Beings connect their energy field to yours. These marine creatures hold within their energy signatures a vibration so pure, so pristine, that it is able to penetrate the densest human ego motivated and base, ignorant and dark part of self. Feel these energies penetrating this part of you, and you find now that you become suspended within the water surrounded by these energies, which amplify the presence of light existing within you. These energy pulsations penetrate all the alternate and parallel aspects of yourself, the most dark part of yourself, and the most evil deed you have ever committed in any of your life experiences is now penetrated by this pristine energy of pure unconditional love, light, wisdom and intelligence. Lord Poseidon enters this field of energy and hovers in front of you and twelve Mermaids accompany him. These beings also begin to emanate sound vibrations that can only be perceived through the body of water, which opens the emotional body inside of you and allows the dark aspects of yourself to be touched and penetrated by this love.

One hundred and eleven Seahorses begin dancing around you. Their dance creates another beautiful energy pattern, which is a system of communication being given to them by your Monad. This is the first time this pattern is being encoded into your energy field and allows your emotional body to move beyond the paradigms of the old world; specifically the Piscean Age, and as this fluid body of yours steps into this safe place of knowing that you are being motivated by this part of you that is one with God/Goddess, a wall of defense falls away. As this wall drops you are not left fragile and vulnerable, you are left strong, empowered, revitalized, re-energized and reconnected with this powerful part of you -- your Monad. Take a deep breath in exhaling fully. Now notice that deep in the depths of this water a light begins to emerge; a golden light, and the marine creatures around you begin to energetically pull you into the depths of the water, Lord Poseidon and the Mermaids following you and the Seahorses still moving around you. As you are taken into the depths you move deeper and deeper into the realms of your most intelligent self, into the depths of love that exist beyond the human lower-ego, beyond the human personality and identity, beyond the human nature and into the sacred energy of you; that which exists beyond human form. You now enter a world of exquisite light, a world so filled with the most profound......

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