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This is what Jelaila Starr, on her site nibiruancouncil, tells us
about ‘Galactic Federation’:

“The Galactic Federation of Worlds (GF) is a large federation of
civilizations from many different planets, galaxies and universes
working together for the harmonious existence of all life. There is a
galactic federation in each of the inhabited galaxies of our universe.
These federations are part of the universal management structure much
like field offices are part of the management structure for a large
corporation. (… )The GF for our Milky Way galaxy is located in the
Sirius star system. Our sun is a stargate to that system, and the GF.
That is why the dog star Sirius is so important to Earth and plays a
significant role in our history.”

MIKE QUINSEY, on his site at < [1]> speaks on “The Galactic
Federation” and also on “The Intergalactic Federation of Light”.

And, yes, Sheldan Niddle refers to it as “The Galactic Federation
of Light”.

Now, since my updated command reading told me that… “The Soul of
this one has integrated its Energies throughout the Omniverse, but
comes to his local galaxy under the auspices of the Sirian Guardian
Forces of Light working in conjunction with the Ashtar Command”,
I’ve kept reading all of Sheldan Niddle’s updates, up to when
I’ve found “The Founders” message thru Sal Rachele on the
matter, which Tom Hernandez has already went to the point.

The site [2]gathers most of
the channelings on the matter. Most interesting is the page accessible
thru the link below, which brings the very first Ashtar’s
channelings thru George Van Tessel on the early 1950’s: [3]

BTW, I also do quite resonate with ‘The Founders’ messages thru
Sal Rachele, and I’ve got a bit surprised about their version on the
story of Jeshua, Mary Magdalene and their son… (to be continued)
Love & Light,
Romaniel T’Or Ra-EL
"Os únicos demônios neste mundo são os que perambulam em nossos
corações, e é aí que as nossas batalhas devem ser travadas" ~
Mahatma Gandhi
On Ter 01/05/12 10:58 , "Tom" sent:
I like what Sal Rachele has to say on the subject. He thinks the GFL
is a 4d Sirian organization that is on a "messiah trip", and has
certain things planned that are not in line with the real Galactic
federation. There is some indication that many GFL plans have already
been blocked, and this may be why so many predictions from the GFL
have failed. Sheldan Nidle alone has enough failed predictions to fill
a library :-)
--- In, "Janisel" wrote:
> Hi my dear brothers and sisters!
> I've got a question for you or, rather, would like to hear various
points of view. Most, if not all, of you read a lot of the channelings
that come over the internet. Some are from the Galactic
Federation...others are from the Galactic Federation 'of Light'. My
questions is: Do you see these as two separate organizations or simply
one? And if two, what difference do you notice?
> Love and Blessings,
> Janisel

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