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Oceana (Sirius B)

The Journey continues to Oceana a mostly water planet orbiting Sirius B. We travel through our sun the Stargate Helios and are greeted by the underwater beings of Oceana. The third planet out from Sirius B that some call Oceana happens to be the home planet of the dolphins and whales. Sirius is a triple or Trinary star system, Sirius A is the largest viable star. Sirius A, B and C is the brightest star and can be found by looking at the "ladle handle" of the Big Dipper and drawing a straight line and just a bit off. Sirius A, B and C are one of our closest Star Neighbors. Sirius B, or Oceana, is inhabited by Cetateans such as Dolphins and Whales and has two small land masses surrounded by a vast ocean. The Sirius Star System and our solar system are linked with our sun's Galactic orbit and you could say that we are a four star system. Long ago, beings from Oceana orbiting Sirius B visited Earth and have promised to return. This will be known as "The Day of the Fish." The entire planet there is almost completely water; there is an island about the size of Australia and another about the size of California, and thats all. On those two landmasses there are human-type beings, but not very many. The rest of the planet, which is all water, is cetacean (Dolphins and Whales.) Many cultures such as the Dogon and other tribes of Africa and also the Waitaha of the South Island of New Zealand have told us of our connection to Oceana orbiting Sirius B to name two of many. MP3 Streaming Whalesong play in Winamp: Robert Temple : Video:

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  • If you hear whale calls during any multidimensional healing, attunements, initiations, you know where it is coming from. Welcome to Sirius and your link to the Galactic worlds.
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