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When we forgive

Forgiving someone after they have hurt you is the best and only option you have to release what happened. Forgiving something that happened in your past is also another way to let it go and move on. Forgiveness is a powerful tool that is often left abandoned, for we often choose to instead condemn the past and the people that hurt us by staying mad and angry. When we choose to hold onto anger and resentment instead of forgiving, we create a host of problems for ourselves. We change how we interact, how we perceive the world around us, and how we think and feel. By holding onto our anger instead of forgiving, we are living that emotion instead of peace and happiness. ~~~ When we forgive, we let go not only of what happened, but we let go of the anger as well. We allow ourselves to move on and feel better. We may think that since we feel so much pain that we are justified in staying mad. When we forgive, we also let go of the pain, for it no longer represents anything. Forgiveness is very powerful tool for you because of how it can make you feel. You are more important than anything that has happened, and how you feel today is more important than any anger you want to hold onto. Every moment creates the next moment and how you feel. If you release something and forgive, then the next moment that follows will find you happier and more at peace.

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  • Set yourself up to live in a more balanced way by forgiving everything when it happens. Accept, forgive, and release constantly in your life. When we are this open, we are truly living life as we are meant to. Everything that happened in your past is over, gone, and obsolete. Even when the moment you are in is a struggle, choose not to get mad, instead accept, forgive, and release. When others treat you badly, forgive so that you do not carry that emotional heaviness with you. For every moment we are in, we are creating how we will feel in the next. If we let go now, then our next moment will be and feel easier. When we fight with or hold onto what we are experiencing, then we can never be present in the following moment, for we are stuck in the past.
    Forgive what happens; whether it was personal, an accident, or a random occurrence, let it go. Forgive so that you can feel better, for that is the most important thing that can happen. By forgiving, you allow yourself to move on; it is as simple as that. Forgive not for others, but for yourself. How you feel now can change when you release and let go of your past and any moment you are struggling with, any moment that you do not accept, fight with, or that feels hard to you. Forgive those moments so that while you are in them, they become easier. Forgive others so that how you relate to them can come from a better place. And most importantly, forgive so that you can feel happy in the next moment.

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