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True forgiveness leaves no traces

The power of forgiveness is massive. The actual act of Forgiveness brings new life. It brings new life because without Forgiveness, the pattern of offense continues spinning. Perhaps there’s a slightly different tone to it, but the song is the same. We see this effect with war. It may seem as if the enemy has been conquered, but the whole truth is the enemy is suppressed for a time until the reaction to suppression is fully formed. So then, there is a seed beneath the surface that is unseen, yet rooting deeply until the strength to break the soil is acquired. Because the reaction to suppression is yet unseen, it can be ignored, and ignorance rules. Ignored is that the ‘enemy’ is also that which is ‘in me.' Forgiveness brings new action instead of reaction.

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  • If only the masses could open their eyes to this, I had many repeat experiences before I learned this lesson. Powerful indeed, and liberating :) 

    Would this be synonymous with accepting accountability, given that we are all aspects of Creator, "I am you, you are me?"


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