Visualize your body as a seamless body of golden light, which in the center holds the platinum ray- diamond bright. Your body is seamless in the sense that it has no divisions at all; it is smooth and perfected.


Call forth to Vywamus and ask that this body now be made fully manifest within you. Feel Vywamus' hands running down this body, molding into you all the characteristics and qualities of divinity that we hold in truth. Ask to sit in the Shamballa seat of ascension and ask Vywamus to sit with you and meld his energies with you for the purpose of perfecting this seamless body of golden and platinum light.


Feel the unity of heart and mind and the entire chakra system. Feel the adjustment Vywamus is making of lower and higher, losing separation and definition of opposites and becoming one. Feel unification throughout your entire being, inner and outer dissolving. Experience the purity and innocence in this new body. Experience the joy of Vywamus, galactic being, playing within your energy field. 


Contemplate now, from this Shamballa ascension seat, which is at the ninth-dimensional level, the purpose of the planet. Then blend your consciousness with Lord Maitreya at the eighth dimensional level as head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and blend in total oneness and unity with the solar, galactic and universal masters in the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek. Feel the unification just as God, Christ and the Holy Spirit are one. This is the journey of the Mahatma taking all 352 steps back to the godhead.


Call forth now a special dispensation from the Karmic Board. See before you Kwan Yin holding the scales of justice, mercy and compassion. See Buddha, Mother Mary and all the rest of the Karmic Board. Call forth for a special dispensation of karmic balance for your sector and twelve body system and overall program.


See Sai Baba appear and place a petition of light upon the Karmic Board table to allow this balance within your bodies, planet and universe to be brought into divine order.  Call forth an acceleration of your path of ascension, as Sai Baba, Vywamus, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Sanat Kumara, Helios and Vesta, Melchior, the Lord of Sirius from the Great White Lodge and the Karmic Board members stand before you. In essence, you are petitioning balance for the entire monadic 144 soul extension consciousness.


You are requesting for every theme to be harmonized through you. You are asking to take your place and your puzzlepiece of the great ascension process of humanity and the planet. You are committing yourself to your part of the world-service work of the divine plan and to demonstrate that part in both waking and dreaming consciousness as a unifier. Holding balance and holding your Earth mission as woman, as man, as ascended being- a representative of the Spiritual Hierarchy, a bodhisattva.


Speak and pray privately now in the sanctuary of your own being to the Karmic Board and all the masters gathered, for whatever you need to assist you with this purpose, for the highest good of all concerned. Know finally and completely that what you have requested is upheld and granted forevermore. 


Sit now within the inner chamber in the stillness and let all the energies of negative ego be dissipated. Let all past mistakes now be completely forgiven. Let any harm that has been done to self or others in this life or any past lives be healed, cleansed, forgiven, and now balanced. Let all the patterns, habits, archetypes, subpersonalities and past-life aspects come into harmony with the Christ/Buddha/Melchizedek archetype and pattern.


Feel all archetypes, rays and astrological signs now become divinely integrated into perfect harmony and balance. Feel all of these aspects becoming balanced under the mighty energies of wisdom. Feel the flame of God burning brightly within the core of your being. Feel the violet transmuting flame of Saint Germain and Archangel Zadkiel purifying and burning up all that is not of the light of God. 


Before all the masters present, in the inner silence of your own being, instead of praying, this time make your ultimate vows of commitment and service to God, the likes of which you have never made before, in a way and manner that you know you will never allow yourself to break. Make vows with absolute steel-like strength and power.


This is the vow that completes your freedom to fully be yourself and assures your success in your planetary and cosmic ascension process. Make the vow and reaffirmation of the "I am that I am." The vow that, "I am all that I am!" Now breathe this fully into your being and lock it into place for all eternity.


Peace has come at last. Feel how grounded you now are in this energy. Everything that you have become is now brought into your physical body and is now connected to the Earth. You have brought heaven to Earth and are now the living embodiment of the monad and the mighty I Am Presence on Earth. You are here for no other reason but to serve, which is the vow of the bdhisattva. You are God made manifest on Earth to demonstrate that this is your true identity and share it in unconditional love, complete egolessness and balance in all things.


Open your eyes after completing this meditation. Hold this place and attunement, knowing you don't have to go into meditation to achieve it. In truth, it has been there all along. Meditation is nothing more than a tool to help you remember who and what you really are, always have been and always will be. 


© Dr. Joshua David Stone

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great, Chris, thank you.

thank you, very interesting, I'll try it.


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