One of the key tests of the spiritual path for the high-level initiates who the masters watch is our willingness to send light. The concept here is that whenever and wherever there is a situation of need or of suffering, the lightworkers either immediately call to the mighty I AM presence or the masters to heal it, as is God's Will. The second possibility in this regard is to do an affirmation of healing, or a visualization of healing. The third alternative is just to send light through your heart or third eye. 


If you prefer, you may pray to your mighty I AM Presence or to the masters to send light. It doesn't matter how you do this, just as long as you do something. By doing this you keep your own consciousness in a state of perfection. It is not just for others, but is, in truth, also for yourself. This is the appropriate response to those who are suffering and those who are caught in the negative ego. It is not to judge them, but to pray, affirm or send light to them, or all three if you like.


The idea is to walk through life as a blessing, praying and light-giving machine. I do not mean "machine" in a mechanical sense, but in a steady, committed, focused, compassionate, sincere, sense of the term. This is why your presence in every situation is an automatic healing force of the highest regard. The light you give will also bless you immeasurably, for what we sow, we reap and what we put out comes back to us. Many others will be helped way beyond our possible knowledge of the results. As the Bhagavad Gita says, the results of our service are unimportant. What is important is that we give it at every opportunity or as much as we can. In truth, it is just a matter of remembering to do this. 


© Dr. Joshua David Stone

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This is truth!  Much of the lessons I have attracted in this life have come about learning this art.  Let me explain.  I have since a small boy been compelled to help others, often at the expense of my self.  At 54 I am still learning how to send my Lovelight without getting involved in ways that come back to me in a negative fashion.  The details are dull and obvious.  As stated by Dr Stone, I have learned that directly reaching out at a personal, hence 3d level, is fraught with misunderstanding.  Folks think I talk way to much, which I do :).  However much of this verbal baggage is attempting to "explain" firstly my observation of concern, which my ego is often all wrapped up in and sounding like a lecture.  Then much of the rest of the verbiage is back tracking in a often vain attempt to clarify my intent. I Am learning...this habit, appears as who I think  am so is painfully slow to strip away...apparently.  This is my ego infused attempt at what I do best...sending Lovelight from my Heart and Hands, and the third eye when a fierce blue ray is necessary.  Yes specific instances are important to project to.  However, I find that blowing out Lovelight and saying or merely intending EVERYONE! is my favorite thing to do.  I often will add "To the power of 10 billion" to insure that enough is going around.  I KNOW it is going to EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING without fail, be it ever so small and weak in the scheme of things.  Personally I focus on the ever new joy and Lovelight more than the problems of this realm.  What I mean is...yes I compassionately will send to the brave ones in the middle east striving for freedom.  But more importantly, what ever strong stream of joy and bliss is coming through me.  After the "light packet" has been delivered and my breath comes back...I drop the essence of this information and joy down to my 2nd chakra and then blow it up the spine and out my Heart and Hands to EVERYONE.  Do I have more work to do here?  Indeed and await the inspired confidence to move forward into even more response-ability.  In the mean time, the happy ability to do this private bit of working, in the name of up lifting the collective "darkness" in a manner that involves EVERYONE simply receiving  a bit of ever new joy and Lovelight; is enough for me.  In hope Joy will make our transition easier through effortless acceptance of Lovelight.  I love you all,  Indra

thank you,

for sharing this noble thought ....

then ... the food is also embedded with your pure love .... 



It was in your vibrational escrow to come back to you as you have given so much love to others!

This is so true just now, top trend in twitter just now is #prayforlondon
I couldn't agree more! Dr Stone is a huge part of my reawakening. Blessings and Love!


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