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This tool is an absolutely God/Goddess send; it is so very
profound,  I
cannot put into words how much this has helped me. It is a
latticework of light that is anchored into the fields that highlights
all negative and fear based programs, and then the masters
suck them out with a thing that looks like a vacuum. It looks like
a huge cross that is lowered, that has a big type of Violet fire in
the middle of it, like a furnace, that the fears get put into. The fear
looks like black roots entwined in the energy fields and ropey
looking fear thought forms. One can really can feel the fears
being pulled out through the crown chakra. I truly cannot
recommend this more highly. The fears are removed and then
replaced with core love; of course after they have been removed,
it's up to us whether or not they come back. Once you ask for it,
just tell the masters which fears you want removed. Be creative
and don't limit yourself, fears from past lives can also be
removed. I will give a few examples of what one can ask for, but
there are so many fears one can have and no one knows their
own fears like they do. I always do this, and have been for 6
years. It's good to do this as much as possible -- in my eyes why
wouldn't one want to? This is a very special Gift, that really
works. You can ask any of the masters of light or angels for this.
Ask for the removal of any fear you have. Take as long as you
like, the longer the better; then you can ask for more fear to be

"I call Forth, Djwal Khul, Lord Melchizedek, Vywamus, and the
Planetary and Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy to anchor the Core
Fear Matrix Removal Program, to remove all core fear from my
subconscious mind, 4 and 12 body system, chakras, and energy
fields, from this life and all my past lives. Please remove all fears
that block my ascension, all fears that go against my ascension
agenda, please remove all doubt, jealousy, envy, anger, hatred,
superiority, inferiorority, selfishness, separative thinking,
separation, judgment, condemnation, anxiety, depression, fear
of all the animal kingdoms, fear of death and dying, poverty
consciousness, fear of failure, false pride, unworthiness,
hopelessness, Please remove all fear based programming in a
generalized sense. I ask that these fears also be removed from
the soul records. Please replace all these fears that have been
removed with core love. I ask that these fears be removed at
night while I am in sleep state, and replaced with core love, until
all fear is removed, I ask for a special divine dispensation to
have all these fears removed while I am asleep, for the next



by Dr Joshua David Stone

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  • Thank you amba love this

  • Thank you master..blessings

  • Thank you AMBA. It would be good thing to do this request once every year & also to add request as posted in fast lane to ascension chapter 1 as follows 

    "deleted from my soul records and also from the akashic records and that all holes are filled with core love. I ask that you supply me with all energies which are for my highest joyful good in this session and to help me integrate the changes.

    I also ask that all parts of my monad also receive this session if they choose to which every part can choose separately for them self and I also ask that ever friend, family member, relative and person I know also receive this session if he or she decides this on her soul level, monad level or level of eternal sacred source. I also ask that the 22th Platinum Key is active for this session


  • Hello I want to add that you can use the fear matrix removal for a topic or one of your bodys too:

    Just say: Master Sanat Kumara, Master Vyvamus, Master Dwahl Kuhl, Master Saint Germain (you can ask diffrent masters or angels if you like, thats the ones i asked most, if i ask for very profound or spirituall things i also add Archangel Metatron) please remove from me any fear and fear based programm for (name of topic for example love, sexuality, ascendet masters and the spiritual hierachy, money etc... or from my physical, astral and/or emotional, mental or spiriutal bodies) and please deleted them also from my soul records and the akasha cronics and please refille the hohles with core love. I thank you.

    Then wait a few minutes or longer.

    Be Blessed

  • Thank you Amba for Sharing this many blessings to you.  Namaste

  • Thank you Amba :-)

  • Thank you dear Amba!
  • Thank you Amba :)

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