Communication concerning the expression and functioning of the first and second chakra attributes. Balancing the need of "Me and Mine" with other living beings and their "Me and Mine".



Greed, stubbornness, arrogance, immaturity, selfishness, inflated self-importance (egoism), inability to discuss and negotiate differences, boundaries, and problems concerning the expressions of the first and second chakras.

Unhealthy and obsessive competitive attitude. Inability to relate comfortably with others. Superiority and Inferiority syndromes which reduce the ability to form mature and genuine relationships with others.

Low self-esteem and self-respect. Few, if any, assertive skills. Uses brute force, anger, hostility, aggression, and harsh verbal communication as expressions of personal willpower.

Devious, manipulative, small minded, criminally minded, and mean.

Can only relate to the world in terms of "Me and Mine". Views life in terms of personal empire building and others are therefore the enemy, or at least of little importance unless they can be used to further the empire of the egoist.



Individuality as a subtle expression of unity. Cooperative nature. Effective and diplomatic self-assertion. Can attend to the needs and functions of the first and second chakra. Understands the principle of "Fair Share."

Attends to needs and avoids greeds.

Ability to discuss and negotiate differences, boundaries, and problems concerning the expressions of the first and second chakras.

Perceives the "Me and Mine" in proper and appropriate perspective to the larger picture of the unity of life.



Communication at this level is all about catering for, balancing, and socializing our "ME" (the ego) with everybody else. It's about asserting ourselves so that we can create and sustain our "Me and Mine" and realise that all other beings have the right to do the same.

Communication may involve "GREED and NEED" and finding correct and appropriate social boundaries - the humanitarian balance of what is mine and what is yours.


SPIRITUAL EXPRESSION: Transformation, the will to change, the desire and fire to want to know more, to evolve, to spiritualise and purify the chakras, to open and integrate the higher chakras to become Whole.


ENERGETIC FUNCTION: Expression of Individual Difference.

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