I just finished reading a book called Acid Dreams by Martin A. Lee & Bruce Shlain. It took me quite a while to get through but it was definitely a worthy read. I go to school full-time so I don't have a ton of time to devote to "pleasure reading" but I do still try to read as much as I can.

This book is all about the LSD scene in the US in the 1960's but it gives some background about LSD, how it was originally developed and why, starting in the 1950's. Not surprisingly, the US government was involved. I guess you could call it somewhat of a timeline, from its development and use by the CIA, FBI, military & other government agencies, through its adoption and use by the youth counterculture of the time, who used it primarily for spiritual and social reasons.

Has anyone else read the book? Or have any experience or insight into the subjuct?



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Well, I heard the flower culture assumed that everybody would just take LSD, get awakened from the slumber and society would become peaceful and loving, instead they made the known mind expanding drug use a crime and built 5000 prisons, mostly just to keep peace and love and living with nature from happening.

Then there were guys like Timothy Leary who researched hallucionogenic drugs and spirituality extensively, he was onto something there and supposedly CIA created false charges on him and sent him to prison for 30 years or somesuch for smoking a joint or some minor thing which ofc was unheard of at the time.  

  Then started kidnapping homeless people and mental patienst and using his research to create some kind of programmed drones for who knows what purpose, the MK ultra were incredibly cruel and sadistic and had some people for 60 days on acid without sleep if I recall correctly.  

  A very interesting but somewhat depressing subject.  From spirituality and love to brainwash and lunacy :/

Was the book along those lines?

It was pretty much exactly along those lines. Very interesting. I had know a little about it before that but this book went pretty in-depth. Its pretty crazy, the lengths government will go to sometimes!


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