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Crystals were the heart and the soul of Atlantis. The Atlanteans had a large crystal with unbelievable power.
It held their entire knowledge and wisdom in its matrix. Its light column was the so-called ladder from the earth to the sky.
When Atlantis sunk the knowledge was transferred to the crystals and their meaning lost.
The destruction of this Master crystal has effects into our current time.

The Atlantean Karma is stored in the human psyche and can be transformed only if the soul remembers its divine nature.
The Atlantean angels want to support us in our efforts to find the way back home again.
The Atlantean Angels want to bring their full love to us to help us Ascend.
The manual may be passed only and exclusively to students of this system. It may not be sold separately or be bought otherwise without Attunements


 Attunement transmision date 15/10/2011-15/112011

To receive this attunement just say:


Npw I am ready to receive  the Atlantean Crystal Angels

This attunement  was received from Carol Ann Tessier

Please read the manual




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Thank you for this beautiful offer!

Love, Light & Blessings,


Thank you

lots of love and light


Looking forward to this, bless you and thank you

Thank you, Carmen.

Love and Blessings!

Attunement sent


In Love & Light &Service

Dear Carmel,

Thanks for this message....


Hello! I recently joined this community and I see that there are many articles from a decade ago whose links are no longer available and inactive groups. This group is no longer used? Thank you very much. Love, Light & Blessings, Erika

el manual no se abre

Si, me pasa lo mismo, pero veo que es una publicación antigua, como muchas de las publicaciones de esta comunidad, así que no creo que lo vuelvan a subir.


if you friend me, I can send you the manual by the message I think.

You could make your own post offering the attunement to 
the shamballa community!
Love, Light & Blessings,

no I cannot... it is forbidden to share it online, sadly...


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