This is the 2nd meditation in a series of 7 "Transformational Meditation Videos", a Divine gift from the Galactic Federation. (You can find & listen to the 1st video in the Discussions of Dr Stones Teachings - click on: http://www.cityofshamballa.net/group/drstoneteachings/forum/topics/... ):

And now we merge more fully with our Soul... we merge more fully with the Divine Essence of our Being... we merge more fully with the Divine Light that we are - with our Divine Essence beyond Form. Through your spiritual journeys, you have created an expanded consciousness and awakened your kundalini & the inner Light of your Being. You are expanding into a Divine field of Radiant Light of your God Self... feeling waves of Love & all of the colors of the rainbow coming from your Soul. You are your Soul in your life on this earth, and you have begun to merge your personality with your Soul & live out your Soul's purpose on this earth.... and every day you are becoming a more complete expression of your Soul. And all the colors of Light are reflecting thru you more clearly every day... all the colors of the rainbow refecting thru you from your Soul to all the world. And thru your Soul you are going to lift your consciousness & connect to all the Love & Light that is being held all around our planet for the ascension of humanity by the Great Ones, and Soul travel to meet these Great Beings & take your place in this great work of Love in assisting humanity... 



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To listen to the audio only of this post, please visit: http://www.emissariesofthelight.net/audio-meditations.html

and scroll down to the second audio "Linking With The Great Ones"

Blessings of Unbounded Love & Light to all,



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