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Beloved Presence of infinite light and love, mighty I AM
THAT I AM above me, blaze forth from the center of my causal
body now a great pillar of radiant, dazzling white light
surrounding my form and extending out nine feet in all directions
from my heart center in an impervious forcefield of glowing
energy and sealed in crystalline-diamond substance through
which nothing less than God-perfection can pass.
Within this glorious crystal-diamond tube of light, I now
invoke a glowing bonfire of the violet transmuting, singing flame
that consumes all karma—cause, effect, record and memory—
replacing it with pure joy. Accelerate the spinning of my chakras
and sustain this cosmic, pulsating violet fire in, through and
around me twenty-four hours a day, burning away all imperfections,
sense of limitation and lack, astral and evil
projections and past records that arise for transmutation.
Beloved Solar Presence bright, hold the immaculate
concept for me as I hold all life in this image of perfection now
and always. Clear all resistance to my acceptance of divine
inspiration, guidance, intuition and grace; the development of my
inner potential and Christic/Buddhic nature; and the acceleration
of the precipitation in my world of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and
the siddhis of the adepts, their outpicturing in my every thought,
word and deed and made manifest in practical spirituality in my
life today.

Seal me in this matrix of complete victory at all times and as
I engage in the sacred science of mantra and the spoken word on
behalf of all sentient life upon earth and on all planetary
systems, worlds without end. Let God’s holy will be done and let
love, wisdom and power flow forth now!

Om Mani Padme Hum AUM

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  • Very powerfull thank you Gogi

  • Thank you Amba for sharing.

  • Hello Dear Amba,

    This is very beautiful and felt wonderful to say...

    Sending you light, love and many blessings.

    Namaste Lara


  • This is a real good one Amba.  Thanks a lot.  Bird songs, laughter and sweet LoveLightJoy to you Dear Sister :)

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