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This group is to discuss everything related to the healing of all kinds of animals; pet, farmanimals, wild animals.

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  • Reiki can help animals in many ways. It can also deepen your bond, understanding and trust between you and your animal. It can help maintain health, it can heal physical illness and injury to animals and help emotional and spiritual problems. It can help animals with issues of being high strung, nervous or trauma. Reiki brings them relaxation and stress reduction and can reduce the tendency to overcome nervousness. It can help with healing after surgery or an injury by accelerating the healing process. And for animals ready to cross the rainbow bridge it can help support you and the animal so the animal has a peaceful transition.

    Although Reiki has been mainly for humans it has many qualities that make it ideal for animals. It is gentle, painless, non invasive and stress free. It heals at all levels for the animal's being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is one of the few therapies that brings no harm to any living thing, plant or animal. It goes to the issue needing healing.
    It is always safe to the animal and comfortable for you and the animal. It can be given at a distance or hands on.

    Birds: Put your hands on the bird cage, or hold the bird in one hand with the other
    hand over top.

    Cats and Dogs: Place your hands behind the ears, One hand on top of the head and
    the other under the throat, Hands on the belly, back, hips, or specific organs.
    You can also treat injured or pain areas directly or through bandages.

    Horses and Cows: Between the eyes, on the head, behind the ears, back, hips, the neck,
    and directly on injured areas and over bandages.

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    Reiki for horses

    Horses are very sensitive creatures and will immediately sense the energy you offer them. Let go of any expectations you have for the treatment and let them determine how things will go. Before you begin make sure the horse is in a place that is comfortable for them, free to move around. It is best to have the horse by themselves so they can fully relax and you can focus on his responses and your own intuition on how he is accepting the Reiki.

    Reiki will work through blankets, fly sheets, bandages and wraps so whatever is covering him is fine. Ask his permission and let him know that he need only take the energy that he wants, and that you won't be forcing him. Stand 10 to 15 feet away from your horse to start, with your hands at your sides and just let the Reiki flow. Watch for signs of acceptance. He may approach you, lick your hands, lower his head, cock his hind leg or just take a nap.

    Every horse is different and every treatment is different. If the horse feels the need to sniff your hands you should allow this and do not follow him if he walks away. The ebb and flow of the energy in your hands, is also the ebb and flow in they way they may take the Reiki. They may move close to you or away from you, settling against your hands and then moving away, then coming back.

    Horses usually enjoy hands on Reiki. Begin on one shoulder, alternate sides and move down the back on either die of the spine. Finish on the hind end.
    You may also do the legs, focusing on the joints and positions on the head.
    These positions will work well in healing and balancing his energy, as well as giving you feedback about issues your horse may be facing. Follow your intuition as well as the horse's behavior to determine areas that may need healing. Your horse may turn his body or back or sidestep certain parts of his body directly into your hands for Reiki. He may stomp a foot that is uncomfortable, shift his weight away from a sore leg, or even lift and stretch his leg or even his entire spine, depending on where he needs healing. He may offer you his head or chest, standing very still and quiet, for emotional healing.

    When a horse has taken what he needs he will usually walk away and leave you and the area, give a loud snort or softly nuzzle your hands or face. A horses way of a kiss

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  • Here's one for the chakra's of dogs


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the rest of the audiobook

I had a problem with uploading one file because it was too big. I will try another way. I will put the complete folder with al the files in Dropbox. Anyone who wants it, please send me a pm with your emailaddress so I can send you the link to the dropbox. Love Louise

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Another ebook

Hello everybody, Something yummie for you all. It's an audiobook by Carol Gurney called The beginners guide to animal communication. Enjoy! It will be in a number of posts btw, because I can only add 3 files to one post. Love LouiseTrack 01. Introduction.mp3Track 02. What is Animal Communication.mp3Track 03. Animal Communication Happens Naturally.mp3

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Some interesting reading material

Hiya all, I have several ebooks about animal healing and animal communication. I will share them in the time to come. Here is the first one.It's from Trisha McCagh, this is her website Enjoy! Love Louise Trisha%20McCagh%20-%20Stories%20from%20the%20Animal%20Whisperer.pdf

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