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What are etheric cords?

In simple terms, etheric cords are those unseen ropes/cords that attach you to another human or objects in the form of addiction. These cords are most often fear based cords or negative attachment we develop with another person or object. When you cut these cords, it does not mean you are abandoning, ditching or detaching from the person. These cords could be developed between family members, friends, colleagues, your ex or any acquaintances. For example, you have a friend who is very needy and clingy but good at heart. He drains you off your energy whenever you are with him because he is sucking in your energy unknowingly. When you cut the cord, you are not abandoning your friend, you just cut the negative cords that has developed. Another example is, your etheric cords attached with your ex. You have parted but the other person is not moving on or is bothering or harassing you. Do cord cutting with such relations for betterment of both of you. Professionals like healers, doctors, teachers etc. tend to form etheric cords more than others.

Archangel Michael

Sit and relax. Take few deep breaths. Either connect to Archangel Michael with distant symbol or simply call Archangel Michael. Ask him to cut all etheric cords that drains you off your energy and serves you no more. If you have a stale relationship or fear-based relation, ask him to cut all cords related to the person and the issue. Archangel Michael will cut the cord as well as heal you and the other person.


Scan your chakras and locate the cords. Connect to the person or the object with distant symbol and imagine him in front of you. Imagine the cords between you and the other person. Talk to the person, ask them to forgive you if knowingly or unknowingly you have hurt them. Bless them with happy life. Imagine a scissor in your hand and cut the cords attached to your chakras as well as the opposite person/object. Dispose the cord by burning it in violet flame. Draw the power symbol over your chakra as well as on the other person and heal the person. Instead of cutting the cord, you can imagine pulling the cords out.

Crystal Wand

Take a cleansed wand and program it for cord cutting and charge it with Reiki energy. Now starting from Crown chakra, sweep wand down towards each chakra slowly imagining it is cutting the cords wherever it is attached. Do this 3 times. Imagine person in front of you and from top to bottom sweep down his chakras imagining cutting all cords. Now take another wand or cleanse this wand and program it to heal the area with light. Starting from Crown, sweep the wand down filling each chakra with light.


Cleanse the pendulum and charge it with Reiki. Ask pendulum if it is ready to do cord cutting for you. Most probably it will swing to YES. Invoke angels, guides and Universal energy to help you cut etheric cords that drains you off your energy and doesn’t serve you anymore. Ask pendulum to start cord cutting. Most probably it will swing in two different directions- once while cutting and once while healing.


Meditate and connect to higher-self. Now connect to the higher-self of the person with whom you wish to cut the cord. Talk to their higher-self and ask them to forgive you if knowingly or unknowingly you have hurt them. Cut or pull out the cords from your aura and imagine them pulling out their cords. Send violet light to the person and heal yourself as well. Dispose the cords in violet flame.

Note- Cutting or pulling cords doesn’t mean break-up or detachment.

by Rinku Patel, reiki rays

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