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using copper healing wand

I have attached a photo to this thread. Okay so i have been a healer since i was born according to my mother. i didnt embrace it until i hit my early 20's (34 now) I am now a usui reiki master, Takata master , celestine reiki , celestine start reiki, gold reiki master, celestine Master sorceboro master, prophestine reiki 1,2,3, master,

As well as much more under my experience working with energy but here is the funny thing. I listed some of my background NOT to act tough or act experienced however I listed them because i knew it would be that much funnier when i tell you I've never used a wand before and i am about to order a nice little wand i have a photo i have attached. its a cheaper wand made of copper and has chakra colors going down the side of it ( i never understood that part myself) with a nice pointed clear quartz at the bottom and a circular ball shaped quartz crystal sitting on the back of it like a ball pen.

from my research, if there is a problem with an area holding negative energy, hold the wand with he point facing away from the body (drawing the negative energy away and doing the exact opposite by facing the point towards the body or negatively effected area.

if you want to scan the aura (while bring an empath since i was little i can scan my hands over the aura and feel any heaviness.tingles, cold,heat, etc..etc.. anyone can do it with some practice only if you dont get pissed and give up. OKAY so what they say is you hold the wand horizontal starting with the feet and moving up. at aNY time you feel a resisitance or something not feeling normal that is most likely a blockage of some kind and its time to remove it immediately!

OKAY so this is what i read so far and to be honest i'd rather not go off aome book or blog compared to asking someone in the field who had used them. its like learning ghost hunting or even better, its like learning clairvoyance from a book but it will never happen unless he or she is least expecting it when the conscious mind is totallly out of the way.

I really would like to know the best way to use healing wands , do you keep them pointed at the area you usually will keep your hands hovering over?? or do you switch off between hovering hands and pointing the healing wand directly at an area where healing needs to be done?

I also cleanse homes that have very negative energy such as demonic beings or very bad human spirits and OR just a regular spirit who does2-3 things; they get tired of not being heard OR they understand they cannot be heard unless all their energy is retained and released at the right time they can do very large things. or it can be a malicious Demonic or malevolent being, a GEN (which comes from the eastern philosophy which is where the genie in the bottle or container that comes out in order to do your bidding, whether it may be a nice fortune or having someone killed or simply having their life go so far unpide down they want to end it on their own.when a demonic being causes or takes massive cridit for that being loosing their life, they are seen as the property of the beingeven in the after life as long as they dont cross over, they (the manipulator being/TRICKSTER) usuallycauses the regular human spirit -oooo have no control on any person place or thing any person the owner had around or had stay the night, or as simple as swimming. ,, the goal is to make the person so lonely and miserible to where they just dnt want to be here any much longer. 3) they will not do much damage in the way we expect them too. instead however usually over a period of 1 year and sometimes sooner they end up Making you very sick when living under those types of negative death energy/residual energy. and as well as the beings stealing your life force will all make you sick, sometimes with cancer other times with severe stomach ache that is permanently. Ive noticed when i close my eyes and bring down the light filling the room with a think creator light on top of visualizing the 4 corners of the 4 archangles " michael, raphiel, uriel, Gabraiel" gaurding each corner or doorway or wall. at the same time draw cho ku rei on all 4 corners including the cieling and the ground which you stand. after wards when all this is done, the last thing you do is channel the reiki and imagine the whitest light coming from the hands an from an edge of pureness coming form around you like an egg. it helps to sage yourself and start channeling energy(reiki energy) with one window openafter 10-20 minutes you will feel the house filling up with light. eventually you will come to a room that is pretty horrific in the strength of non human nature.

I found that wands made of copper and a quartz crystal along with the chakra colors down the side work fantastic. I :HEARD" so im not sure. I read if you want to take out negative energy in a particular place you want to hold the wand unside down witht he back of it pointing towards the leg and the front sharp crystal pointing up which pulls the negative energy out. to bei8ng IN POSITIVE ENERGY you want to hold it normal and keep the sharp are pointing down and when you run into bad spots in their aura you definitely want to keep the ball on the back of the want facing the body to get negative energy out

Okay so i was reading about wands and it seemed so much easier to use when it comes to healing and or checking the aura?... lay the person down in a bed or in a massage table on their back to start with. get the want and keep it horizontal. and move it from the feet to the head very slowly. when you feel temprature changes or friction with the wand, these are cracks and or dark spots in your aura that need to be healed ASAP other wise someone or some kind of sickness WILL manifest and or magnif. ALL illness start with energy and startes with your aura. If or when it is NOT addressed very bad things can pop up inclusding heart attack. when you look at the green part of the chest its good to have a large heart chakra. if it is too small and is the wrong color like blue or something (wupposed to be the color of the throat. there is a way to change the color back to normal on both chakras including the size however the size is something that can take a week or 2 of concentration and good thoughts for example if the heart chakra is too small a meditation is a very good idea, meditation where you focus on forgiving and go through each family member and or friends if you have known them that long and think of somehting you love about that family member even if you dislike them. its VERY important to find a positie solution or thoughts when the time comes and negativity has taken over. . its a very CRAZY method has been used for over thousands of years.
Scientists are starting to find evidence in this when it comes to quantum physics.

My question here is when you do long distance healing as ive dont over thousands of times I have never used a wand. everything i told you about what i learned about a wand is something i read and I never like to read something and count that as proof. I love LOVE to get things done that can be recorded for the next case and learn off of that each time bettering the solution each time.

So does the copper being help act as a conduit for my hand/our hand/ as reiki or healing energy goes through the copper and hits the crystal thereby acting as a magnifying class to the life force energy causing it to be that much stronger? whether it is pulling energy out thats negative OR pushing in very light positive energy causing healing in those areas. since this energy assists the body part to heal as it would normally only difference is this energy causes it to speed up just a like fast normal healing of any kind of sore, holding the HANDS above any place over the body (being that the energy is very conscious and self aware but can EVER EEEVER do anything for harms sake. this is pure source energy and source energy being alive can choose what it wants to do and since it is made of love and outside of our dimension once it comes out of the crystal out the front of the wand or the hands it goes where it is needed the most. I have done sessions on someones back and shoulders and they cried so very hard they could not controlling the crying because it was healing their emotional baggage that htey were olding in and nobody needs too know about this what so ever.

besides anything i have brought up regarding using the copper wand with a crytsal wand meshed into two which is what most wands look like these days including the chakra stones which i do not no how those work? does the energy pass through those stones and go to the correct chakra whether it be red root or the naval orange solar plexus yellow heart green, throat blue, indigo third eye and or crown violate . somehow it is supposed to reach the chakras including with using your visual abilities, holding the healing wand over the white colored SOUL START CHAKRA above the crown and the brownish colored earth star chakra just below your feet by 18 inches. mind had a crack in it before and i was not able to channel the correct amout of energy until i found out about this and it was fized by a friend using a wand and im telling ya ive not felt that much pressure come out of my habds when it comes to energy in over a ecade. it was perfect.

I made this post to ask about using wands and i didnt want you to think i was some usless man not knowing a darn thing which is why i added my entire healing background including my understanding of the metaphysical realm, etheric realm, astral, and the link between the mind and the healing as it is tied together perfectly by a quantum string just the same as saying we are all one? we are all connected by what? consciousness and the same rules apply to the realm of healing linked to the mind. we can heal animals suggesting we have a strong link which means we can communicate with them and have before. . I'm speaking to the choior, HOWEVER, i wasn't to reach enough of those who do not know enough however i can feel a few of you were reached which is good enough for me,. at the same time i am looking to be reached by whoever replies to this message. I am looking for more intro MUUUCH MORE INRO regarding USING THE HEALING WAND. IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE THE EXACT PHOTO IN THIS PICTURE YOUR ABOUT TO OPEN, any advice can come from any healing wand. I just need to know techniques and it is serious that i know this. Ive cleansed sooo much residual energy in this placeand did HEAVY reiki in the house which go tride of the being with firey eyes who was intelligent . which helped me with my confidence getting rid of scary demonic beings with no toold other than what was inside of my and intention. Now when it to people who still have some after efftects from a spiritual haunting OR a horrific divorce one thing that can be held in front of the person such as a healing wand always have techniques and i am asking anyone out here in this group to help me out when it comes to help people as well as homes. symbols can be drawn out with the wand. using the right hand to send energy with the wand always as thr right hand sends and left recieves.

question, when drawing out the negative energy when holding the wand backwards, shall i hold it with the left hand as the left pulls energy AND THE RIGHT PUSHES IT. JUST A CURIOSITY. iVE ALSO READ ITS A veerry GOOD THING TO HOLD THE WAND WHEN IN MEDITATION. I SHALL GIVE THAT A TRY WHEN I RECIEVE IT, Im short on funds after buying an emf meter and recorder with sage. although i am an empath I still love to confirm any of my findings through instruments V.S. the mind only. it seems to help others trust my findings that much better.

IF ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT USING COPPER WANDS PLEASE MESSAGE BACK OR EMAIL AT now remember the picture if right there in the attachments. just one photo and if it looks nothing like the photo in the picture it is still perfect I need to get any kind of info I can regardless,... if possible. If one person messages me please dont let that stop you as multiple accounts can be worth a zillion. thank you for your patience and i will be forever greatful to you by ANYTHING YOU PASS ON TO MYSELF.

healing wand.jpg

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  • hi Michael,

    I'm late to reply this discussion more one year. But late answer is better than no answer, I think. I searched this topic on the net, so I can share what I found, with you.

    this article is from :

    How To Use Healing Wands
    by Jim Fallon

    Healing Wands are used to focus and direct energy. Since ancient times, wands have been used for healing by healers all over the world. Healing wands gather and direct energy. Wands serve as an extension of ourselves and our abilities. Healing wands are used for healing, direction of power, consecrations, and blessings.

    Healing wands can be used in many different methods of healing. They can be used to heal the entire body or aura, or they can be used on a specific area of the body. They can be used to scan the aura to locate blockages, and then cleanse and heal them. Wands can also be used in massage healing. Massaging the body with a wand helps to release tension from the body, while at the same time the wand's healing energy is transferred to the body. Smooth, round wands that are rounded on at least one end are the best to use in massage healing as they will not scratch or cause other discomfort to the body.

    Because of the wand's round end shape (rounded on one end, pointed at the other end) the rounded end is the end that you hold, round end facing towards you. The terminated or pointed end is the end that you use to direct energy, either inward (into something, point wand at object, or outward, pointing into the universe). Just like holding a pencil with the point away from you, the eraser facing towards you. Energy is usually directed into the wand from the rounded end, and this energy is then focused into something with the pointed end.

    One can also place a wand near or on a container of massage oil to let the energies of the wand infuse into the massage oils, or place near water containers and then drink the charged water.

    You can use the wand to meditate. Place the wand in your left hand, left hand being symbolic for receiving energies with pointed side of the wand facing the wrist, rounded end towards the fingers. You are directing the universal energy into the rounded tip and toward you with the pointed end.

    You can draw negative energy away from something that may be bothering you. Hold the rounded end towards the area that is bothering you. The negative energy will now be directed into the wand's rounded end, and exit toward the pointed end, which you have pointing into the universe. Once you feel that you have taken the negative energy away, turn the wand around so that the pointed end is now toward the area, and the rounded end faces toward the universe or just pointing away from the body part, and now you will replace the removed negative energy with positive energy.

    So you simply use your intentions and visualizations to direct negative energy away from an area, and then use your intentions and visualizations to replace this removed negative energy with positive energy. See the positive energy entering the rounded end of the wand, and exiting the pointed end of the wand into the area.

    Before doing these exercises just sit with your wand in your right hand, still your mind, and perform Piko Piko. Now take a deep breath, and with every breath that follows inhale one of the healing symbols, and then exhale the healing symbol into the wand.

    Now take a deep breath, and with every breath that follows inhale one of the symbols, and then exhale the symbol into the wand. Remember, that the very molecular structure of the wand is being altered so that it can absorb, maintain, and keep the healing symbols. Just decide that your charging wand up with the healing symbol pattern, which you will/can do for all the symbols When you feel that the wand is charged with the desired symbol, mentally say, "the patterns are set, it's done."

    Now relax your right hand, take another deep breath, and transfer the wand over to your left hand symbolic for receiving energies. Feel the energy from the wand with your left hand. This wand is now an object of power because you have made it so. You can then think a certain healing symbol and feel that symbol charging your body and expanding around you. The wand will serve as a catalyst to trigger the healing process. We can energize or charge the wand with Serge King's healing symbols.

    Wand Technique:
    Take pointed end of wand, and use pointed end to remove "pain," for this example.
    With your hand, mentally trace around the tip of the wand the healing symbol to be used.
    Bring the wand to your navel area. See the symbol chosen infused into the wand. Charge it at your navel with piko pikoÉinhale see the symbol in the navel, exhale, see the symbol in the wand.
    Now take the wand and draw/ trace the energized symbol over the area of the body that has the pain. Then, after making the imaginary or tracing the imaginary healing symbol, point the wand directly at the area of the body, as if it were a hook and quickly "jerk" and remove the pain by "hooking" it and throwing it away, or sending it into the earth.
    Second one is from
    You may take a look.
    Third one is
    and in my opinion, this is more useful for you.
    if you found more information about healing wands, please share with us.
    May God bless you,
      1. What is piko pikoèinhale plz describe
  • of course but however there are techniques that the conscious mind isnt aware of. for example when you learn reiki, you wouldnt know of the symbols until you are taught them. If you go under into a QHHT session and let someone speak with your higher self, hey would know sure. the soul and the conscious mind do not know the same things. i agree if you get the conscious mind out of the way then you are able to retain that information consciously. The normal way to use a wand is a simple point and send energy through it. however their are other tricks to use in order to pull out negative energy and sooo much more. maybe i should buy a book on it. problem is i am homeless and i am using my mothers computer lol. I always find a away and a way i will find! :) thank you for your reply

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