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This is a time of new beginnings, a time of new opportunities to be available to you and so expect for an inflow of abundance, a new venture, an adventure, a new beginning. Whatever it is that you desire for creating in this next phase, this is the time to clearly decide what you want and where you are heading. Take that leap of faith and follow your dreams as there are some unexpected opportunities that are more in keeping with who you have become as you continue on this path of growth. Take the time you need and enjoy the process as it unfold, there is no hurry and it is okay to take the time to do the research while you decide what are the best options for you to take and then get ready for action, for once you have made that commitment, things will begin moving at great speed and you might feel a bit rushed by all the energy it creates. Use your strengths and your skills, you will get it done and all is as it should be. ~~~ I clearly set my intent of what I desire (state what you would like to create) to create as I begin a new cycle of abundance and opportunity.

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