The Unity Transmissions During the New Moon Solar Eclipse Window this Friday, May 10



The Unity Transmissions

During the New Moon Solar Eclipse Window 
this Friday, May 10   

A 24-Hour Transmission Period in Full Conscious Awareness
With unified meditation at 8 pm in all time zones. 



Lunar Eclipse: Full Moon, April 25 
Solar Eclipse: New Moon May 9 - 10 (UTC), 2013 
Lunar Eclipse: Full Moon, May 25
When we have such a powerful line-up of three eclipses, we experience huge life shifts, transformative processes, emotional upheaval and plenty of purging! In this New Moon, we are right in the middle of two lunars and an intensified eclipse sandwich! Breathe.... let go... and give it up to the Divine Presence within.





It would appear that the Earth is now passing through the next phases of initiation as we prepare to enter intothe eclipse sandwich this May as we endure not 1, not 2 but THREE eclipses in a row! 
Numerous accounts from Planetary Light Servers across the globe describe a significant increase in the level ofdiscordant energies and thought-forms percolating to the surface of the collective consciousness. On theopposite end of the spectrum, there are those experiencing a heightened sense of expansion within their consciousness. It as though we are all playing different yet equally vital roles in bringing balance to the unified field.
The shift of an age can be likened to a lengthy birthing process, so we are reminded to be patient and continue to persevere in our work as Planetary Light Servers.  Cosmic rays are streaming forth with increasing intensity from our beloved Sun to assist us in shedding light on where we may still be held within the illusion of separation, in order to guide us into greater unification with Divine Presence. Let us yield all resistance to this process by surrendering in gratitude and with reverence.
In addition to this being a period of personal revelation, manifestation and transformation, there is simultaneously a global purge taking place that is contributing to the growing feelings of confusion, unrest and instability. It is a time of extremes!  The amplified energies of the recent and upcoming eclipses are creating a rather challenging environment in which to remain in a constant state of equanimity. Yet, this is exactly what we are being called upon to do. As agents of Good Will, it is our role to remain calm and poised in the midst of all thestorms of appearances.
We are being called to dig our roots deep into the Earth, spending as much time in nature as we can in order to increase our capacity to draw from the reservoir of the Great Presence within. Whatever form your spiritual practice takes, be it yoga, prayer, invoking the sacred fire, meditation, singing, dancing, or all of the above... now is definitely the time to deepen our connection to these activities in an effort to stay true to our inner alignments.    
Beloved Children of the Sun, we are in this together.  Please remember to stay attuned to our Group Avatar andthe Unity Matrix as we move through this period of evolutionary transformation.

Important Links:

S E S S I O N S    O F    P E R S O N A L    S U P P O R T    



Receive Personal Sessions of Support this Friday 

Ease your Processes during the Powerful and Intense Eclipse Season 
Receive Intentional Energy Transferencefrom our Light Team during the Unity Transmissions  
For those wanting extra assistance with personal life challenges, Children of the Sun Foundation facilitates a highly effective program of energy transference from its global team of light transmitters. 
This takes place each new and full moon during TheUnity Transmissions.  

The sessions are direct energy transferences and are set into motion through your intention to receive and commitment to make necessary changes in your life.  

Children of the Sun Transmitters sending energy transference  

They may assist by shifting unwanted lingering energy, soothing scattered energies, clearing limiting physical, emotional and mental patterns, or integrating a more expanded perception in conscious awareness.


Our Light Transmission Team comes to you as one group body through the Unity Matrix. We invoke and then simply allow ourselves to be used as conduits for the greater energy to do its work.  





Opening a Portal of Light for all of Mexico... building our Group Forcefield of Love, Wisdom and Power!
Come, come, come! 

We will work with you on the finances to help you participate with us if this is your heart's desire. Your Presence of light is called to be with us in this grand act of service.

AmazonThe Amazon Expeditions this September/October

This is an experience of a lifetime and one of themost transformational programs available today for the deep plunge into the recesses ofconsciousness.

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Almighty I AM THAT I AM, I selflessly invoke Divinity to use me as a vessel to transmit the mighty Violet Flame throughout the unified field, blazing forth from my Group Body to engulf all life with It's transforming light.   
Beloved Presence, please surge the full momentum of Violet Fire through all particles of my being, cleansing all impurity and charging me and all I contact with radiant transmuting power.  

As I go forward about my day, may my very presence heal and liberate all fields of energy still living in separation.       






Beloved I AM, sustain and triple this sacred fire activity, each moment of each hour, until all streams ofenergy are in perfect harmony with the Divine Mind. 


By and through the Law of Grace, IT IS DONE.

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Hi  Goran,

Thank you ,brother,for  posting this invocation

In Love and Light

Thanks for posting this, dear Goran!

Another child of the Sun!

Thanks for the info! A blessed experience of this Cosmic event for us All!



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