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The shift is responsible for much energy to be upon planet Earth and or Gaia at this time. It's responsible force of will is the cosmic changes happening around us, however this planet is protected both by a force field and also by a perceptual dimensional shield which helps to protect us from any obscene attacks, should any be deflected our way. The reason for this being, many dimensions are being forced to evolve due to their own laws being altered to make room for new changes a broad, why is not clear to me, however because this is happening, many quantum realities are joining together, causing us to feel the changes more so energetically than anything else, which is also the cause for many emotional states of change as well if you are sensitive to such things like I am.

A lot of energies are thinning out which is making more room for creativity to manifest as a thought form for things to energetically become more possible. the most noticeable areas that this is happening in are fields of healing, scanning, energetic control and random emotional states of vibration. All of this seems to be regulated by one thing, the core quantum us.

Here in lies two problems,a solution and a further question. The problems are that as this becomes more apparent globally, we need to be just as aware of what we are sending out as we are receiving. Sometimes we are not exactly sure what that is, I know a few people whose been contacting other readers to try to find a confirmation to the energy they are both involved in and that is around us because of the shift being so strong at times, especially recently.

The solution is to focus on the objected intention to justify its total subjective presence and make it real. For example, if you are healing someone and they come up to you and they say they are feeling your energies, particularly empaths, it means you are projecting personal energy on to them beyond what would normally be or once be needed just for them to feel a change in their body or themselves. This is why things are going to continue being very sensitive here in cases like this, but not excluding others and not including as much stress either way, simply because of the global energy being redirected elsewhere in the cosmos causing this dimension to be both protected and limited, which makes projecting at the quantum level easier to manage, but making outcomes harder to sustain specifically. Which is why the only thing we can do right now is mask every action we do together through love, that is our power center and I believe it always will be.

The question is this. We are coming to a time where we may have to unite with forces of one side to match the forces of another, such a narrowed down choice will be created because of the outcome of energetic control passing the quantum level, becoming more directed as the flow continues on its current path. If this happens and when it does if it does, we will have to be faced with several emerging choices to move into the reality we are creating right now for ourselves. The transition between then and now may not happen, however it is a possibility, which is why we need to be self aware of the quantum energies we are passing from one another on this planet as it effects our position energetically and possibly beyond that should it interface directly with this dimension, among others.

One thing I want to make clear however, is that there is no reason to be fearful because of the choice we always have. Even in the worst or best for that matter, possible energetic, physical, dimensional or quantum circumstances, the situation will always remain that we are the power and we are the people that decides what reality looks like in more ways than one. Healing is definitely on the rise and will continue to be, that much I know will happen. Some kind of change is coming our way, I am not sure what exactly, in all likely-hood it will not be something drastic like the world is going to end, however I do sense something energetically that is not necessarily a cause for concern, but it is there possibly in some off set reality, as I am not able to get a clear image of it, I shall not say anymore.

What I think will be really useful for us as a collective, is if we gather our abilities together and do something similar to a group session for common feedback we would like to be returned to us at some point here, energetically is fine if none else. Remember that love is our energetic shield against all attacks because it can block unwanted influences in our lives from interfering with day to day routines. I know that some of us are very much physically tied to the core of how things work here on this planet and get effected by big energy changes that go on around us, so if that is you, as I am one of them, the best thing we can do is focus on the family and focus on ourselves. If you find things are under pressure and you are feeling overwhelmed, take baby steps to achieve the current goals you have in life and if none else, you can submit yourself to the flow of creation which will help you regain your energy as you rest your soul for energy work to come.

I love you all very much and I am here for you. My goal is to protect and guide you to your most sovereign potential and to be here with you to be a part of this change we all share. I must say on that note, I personally know probably half of you not as well as I should, but come to that, I miss all of you not as much as I ought to, for I am a warrior but I also am a healer so if you need my assistance, I will be able to help. I know this choice is not easy, but I would much rather protect my kindred friends, soul family and others from the love of my heart to prevent and secure all of us here than try to be lost and caught up in something I may not yet understand, which is why I am making this post, to let you know, this is what I am seeing and this is what I will do to help you if this is something you can relate to or you may need my help to solve.

You mean a lot to me, keep up the core project, being you in times of change and know that whatever happens, no matter how hard, no matter how far, you are loved and you are not alone in this world. What we are going through is both sublime and challenging, but it doesn't have to be impossible to take control as you need it! I hope this helps you find your true path, in knowing that as we come together, we also ignite the flame of love that connects energy to the world abroad. Yours with boundless love affection and peace, Elshara. May the blessing and wisdom of all things good in the universe be upon you, let us talk if you like, I am here for you, we are one. Namaste.

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Thank you for this!  It sets aside some of my resistance as I travel these pages. You obviously felt some of my energies, since you responded directly in this article.  I will be pleased to come back to the City of Shamballa in the future.  For now...I must disengage with love <3


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