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You read news coming from people claiming that they are from other planets saying that we already are inside the `Photon Belt' that there will be changes in the future.

Surfing the Net you read that it will affect everybody on the planet, that our bodies will try to adapt to the outer space changes.

As the story goes, if these changes are real, people from other planets will know for certain what is happening and will try to convey what they have seen in other places to other pleople who can read and write. If other planets in the solar system or inside the hollow Earth is inhabited by people, they would like to know what is happening and interchange the information of what they have seen to people reading this post.

As it goes, or from what I have heard, these changes have already taken place inside they hollow Earth where they have a not-too powerful `Sun'. You read like there was a freezing period of several days followed by a thawing period and several people got killed in the process.

If the action of the `Photon Belt' continues as it goes, it will affect the people living on the outer surface... that is us.

From the information available on the Net, it seems that not too many people have this information and dare not interested much on the subject. To go on with their lives and try to keep their jobs.

If these changes have taken place on `Inner Earth', it is certain that sooner or later will affect us.

Could somebody would like to comment on the subject

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