Hi everybody,

I would very much like to start a discussion with y'all about the following:

there are a lot of attunements and energysystems around and new ones are arising regularly, most claiming to be more powerful and have amazing results and connect you to The Divine, your Higher Self, and so on.

On the other hand there are people who say everything is already within and we don't need al those energysystems and attunements.

My feeling is that everything might be within but I am having a hard time finding it sometimes. Therefore I do attunements.

What is your opinion and/or experience with this?

Love and Light


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Dear Louise,

Everything is inside already. We are made in God's image and so are a perfect manifestation of everything. Very much like an ocean drop is exactly like the ocean and has all the qualities of the ocean water in that one drop. Please read this article to understand further what I am trying to say. http://livingeternity.com/category/god-is-i-am/

If you had the ability to go into deep meditative states that can be achieved via many different methods (kriya yoga, prayer, fasting deep meditation...) see http://livingeternity.com/power-of-prayer/ & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kriya_Yogasee  then you can get in touch with your higher self and have a complete rememberer and be a 'light' human.     

To do this you need to spend all of your time doing it and not live in the world as you do, eg go into the desert for 20 years... Read about the lives of saints to get a better idea on what I am talking about...

So what we modern light seekers do is we take attunements and preferably use the techniques that I have mentioned above and this way we open up to our own remembrance.

We have soul types and higher purposes so the energies that we are attracted to are already naturally suitable for an individually suited remembrance.

I personally do a mixture of everything, this is suitable if you wish to have a very fast high energy awakening. Others prefer to focus on one method.

The truth of truths is that what ever method you use if you do not awaken to the love of God in heart or if you prefer the love of the creatoer of all and the vast creation, ie your follow people you can not awaken.

To be in line with who you are no matter the path you take love is the most important. Begin to notice how much do you love? Do you love your enemy? - they are after all a creation of all that there is too. Do you love you? - if you do not love you totally and just as you are then you do not love God and the creation, with out this love we are powerless and ever looking for answers. The answer is faith in love and with complete trust that you are loved in all ways and that your are love.

If you can feel this, if you can begin to awaken to this then you begin to awaken to you and all that is in you.

By doing the activations and attunements and getting healing and clearing your body both physically and not ;all you are doing in fact is opening yourself to feel that 'divine love'.

Please contact me more in relation to this question if you feel so inclined. 


Thanks for your answer and explanation Living Eternity! I will go check out the links you added.



Thank you Mhamed!



Dear Louise,

I would say everything is here and now, rather than all are inside.

There is no inside and outside. There is only now and here.

You never need any attunements. Just that on the path of ascension or remembering your real self, you can ask external force to help OR your self force to go on the journey. (Remember that it is just so called external and internal, so as to understand easier by the mind.)

For external force, it is called attunement. How you can receive an attunement is your acceptance.

For internal force, you have to go real meditation. The basis of real meditation is also acceptance. Accept all inside and outside yourself. So when you are really with your real self and with love, you will find the energy inside you and then, you can use them freely.

Everyone has the potential. But potential is potential. It is the energy not yet undiscovered. It is sleeping. You can awake them as long as you will. But I dont think it is needed to bother having external help. Why bother so much on the journey? Be free!

Just be reminded that, it may be dangerous to believe you can finish the whole journey by your own force without any helps. It is easy to go wrong without a master to guide you. A master is experienced and he knows your problems that he can help you whenever you go wrong.

Thank you Felix!



Buddha said "That which is within, is also without". In essence that means that whatever you wish to have, is already within.

Thanks Bryan!



Hello, Louise, I am often asked this question, it is useful to take multiple intiations, yes and no, if they are limited and targeted. We come into the world, without no recollection, we need a trigger, sometimes one is enough or ten, after is this of the fear of miss , a mirage, or a commercial accumulation or selfish, i do not know. Or are our limited? We have to find the right formula or the manual well written who spoke to our comprehension and brings us to our own creation, to our self-initiation by us even in this life. This is one of the poles meditative of my research.

many blessings to you

Thanks Robert!



My thought is that of course it is already within, we are Divine.  We are connected to source and therefore we have access to amazing energies and capable of extraordinary healing. On the other hand, we are human and our Divine birthright gets buried and I feel the attunements are a great way to bring you back to a frequency you otherwise may not find on your own very quickly, if ever. I believe the power belongs with the intention of finding it, the permission, and the desire. Thats my thoughts...

Blessed Be Thy

Thank you Candace!



Both theories are correct in my view.

Everything you already need *is* already within you ...

and the Attunements bring this to consciousness ~


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